VFF Status credit run down as months pass by, no longer in my VFF account

Discussion in 'Virgin Australia Velocity' started by AustraliaPoochie, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. AustraliaPoochie

    AustraliaPoochie Established Member

    Has any one found it again?
    In the past iteration of the VFF account, there was somewhere, (can't put my finger onto it now), but there was a way/system by VFF to see how many SC would drop, each month, without me having to do the chasing up.
    Now, with the new fangled VFF account, with the ladies hand on the first page. I can't find it.
    All I can see is the circle, how ever I try to tap that, nothing comes out of it.
    Its a pain having to go back 12 months, and get a piece of paper and collate all the SC earnt from partners, and from VFF, and then start taking off SC as the rolling calendar goes by.
    With QF, its easy, you know your anniversary month is fixed, and your year is fixed.
    But with VFF, its mobile, a while back, I could see the break down of how many SC would drop, each month.
    Now I need to physically calculate.

  2. kyle

    kyle Active Member

    Mar 8, 2006
    Yeah I miss that table.
  3. Saab34

    Saab34 Established Member

    Jul 22, 2008
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    I can see it on my account. I think.

    Dashboard => click SC box => ‘How far are you from upgrading’

    I think that’s the one. ? Gives me a running calendar of dates when the SC drops down .
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  4. AustraliaPoochie

    AustraliaPoochie Established Member

    Ah, silly me, sorry, there is a small bit of assistance, it seems, not much though, its under "upgrade to gold" part of the VFF account, where it does list when you will drop in SC and by how much.
    I am only VFF PS so was manic about pressing under PS.
    Next status credit expire month and then amount.
    One line only, so its hard to keep check.
    Yair, the old table was good though.
    One line under VFF SG does not help forward planning of SC amassment.
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  5. AustraliaPoochie

    AustraliaPoochie Established Member

    Saab34, you got it.
    Bingo, we have a winner!!!
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