Survey results - worst plane habits

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by bambbbam2, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. bambbbam2

    bambbbam2 Active Member

    Feb 13, 2005
    Perth, WA
    Seat reclining voted worst airline habit |
    "INCONSIDERATE seat reclining has been voted the number one annoying habit of air travellers in a new air etiquette survey.

    Seat kicking, screaming kids and bad body odour were also high on the list.

    More than 730 people took part in the online survey, which was conducted by between December and January.

    Inconsiderate reclining was voted the top turn-off by one-third of respondents.

    "There's nothing worse than someone reclining their seat on a plane while you are eating and your food and drink ends up in your lap,'' global marketing manager Paul Fisher said. ..."

  2. Evan

    Evan Established Member

    Dec 26, 2006
    SIN / MEL
    As long as its not meal time i recline ! (And as i love my front row of whY i think i will always have somebody behind me, oh well thats life i guess)

    Yep, people should have a shower ! But hey 20 hours on a plane some people are going to smell that just happens.

    Future seat designs will go a long way to eliminating this issue anyway as the seat will sort of slide down inside a shell rather than actually recline. Yet to try a plane that has these yet but they may be good they may not be good, only time will tell how people like them.

  3. tuapekastar

    tuapekastar Established Member

    Mar 16, 2005
    Flight Map:
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    No real surprises here, though there certainly are some other annoying habits.

    Seat reclining certainly polarises peoples' opinions. I have no problem reclining outside of meal service times, though I don't normally recline to anywhere near the maximum (I don't have an issue with people reclining to the maximum, as this is what the airline allows - if I had an issue, then logic would dictate that my beef is with the airline, not the pax).

    However, reclining during meal service is rude, and should lead to another annoying habit mentioned in the survey, seat back kicking!! ;)
  4. Flashback

    Flashback Senior Member

    Oct 29, 2006
    Flight Map:
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    What annoys me, is when you have a 2.5 hour flight which is not really one where you would need to recline, that is during the day, and the moron in front of you does it the entire trip!
  5. oz_mark

    oz_mark Enthusiast

    Jun 30, 2002
    Flight Map:
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    When I am flying on business and the person in front reclines, my laptop gets packed up and work stops. My bosses penalty for putting me in Y :)
  6. Flashback

    Flashback Senior Member

    Oct 29, 2006
    Flight Map:
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    That's why I have a 12.1" screen - avoids that from happening ;)
  7. mainly tailfirst

    Oct 10, 2006
    Likewise. After all why should a recliner stop me from watching my in flight on-demand movies? ;)

  8. JohnK

    JohnK Veteran Member

    Mar 22, 2005
    BNE, SYD and CNX
    No real surprises in the survey results. Has been discussed on AFF in the past.

    If I manage to snap up the first row in economy I never recline. The only time I may recline is when I am not in the first row of economy and the inconsiderate person in front has decided they will recline for the duration of the flight. I have been known to kick the seat in front if it is occupied by rude and inconsiderate recliners.
  9. Kiwi Flyer

    Kiwi Flyer Senior Member

    Sep 24, 2004
    Count me as another who's peeve is inconsiderate recliners.
  10. garyjohn951

    garyjohn951 Active Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    Nothing is worst than the little "s..ts" kicking the seat from behind and the parents drinking the wine and doing nothing about it.......................
  11. Shano

    Shano Established Member

    Aug 17, 2006
    Flight Map:
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    Being relatively tall I often jam my knees hard up against the seat in front of me so if that person tries to recline their seat back has nowhere to go.

    Yes, people on the MEL-SYD run that recline their seat as soon as the plane takes off are a pain in the proverbial.

    I will recline my seat on MEL-PER flights (particularly the red-eye), but rarely on anything shorter than this.
  12. simongr

    simongr Enthusiast

    Jul 10, 2006
    I think its every person's right to recline but you dont have to exercise your rights (although in Australia you do have to exercise your right to vote - which is kind of ironic).

    I only recline on long haul - but saying that I am pretty sure I will be reclining on my 1 hour flight MIA-MCO - but that will be at the end of 40 hours travel and 30 hours actual flying ;)
  13. Altair

    Altair Active Member

    Aug 22, 2006
    And me as well.
    The ones I do not like, after recliners during meal times, are the one who recline at the start of the flight, preventing me from using my laptop, and then proceed to sit up the entire flight! If you are going to do that then you do not need to recline. When approached I have yet to have one stop the recline and received a few rude responses :eek: Come on the "Excuse me can you please raise your seat so I may be able to use my computer." cannot be considered rude of me.:confused: Maybe I should try the seatback kicking or knees in the back.:p
  14. maninblack

    maninblack Established Member

    Aug 14, 2006
    I rarely fly in Y these days but even in domestic J the pitch is so limited that when someone reclines you get squeezed. Fact is though it's their right to do so and I am a serial recliner myself, more relaxing position as I rarely work on the plane. I have had QF cabin crew request I move my seat upright in J at the request of the person behind. Frankly why should I? I am paying a fortune for a J class seat and it is QF who are at fault for the 38 inch pitch which really needs to be 42 inches to make everyone comfortable. Surely if I feel like having a nap during the flight thats my right. Pretty annoying in Y though, esp during meal service, another reason I try to avoid going there.

    Worst habit. Passengers with too much carry-on luggage who try to use the lockers above my seat. :mad:
  15. NM


    Aug 27, 2004
    Flight Map:
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    I have no issues at all with reclining - either me or the person in front of me. I always return my seat to the upright position during meal service, but not a courtesy to anyone else, but just because I find I spill less of my food if I am upright than I spill when I am reclined.

    In my opinion, the worst aircraft travel habits and those that really irritate me are these:
    • Men who wear pink shirts and women who wear yellow blouses (these should be removed at the security screening point as offensive weapons).
    • Nose picking (if you are hungry then wait for the meal service)
    • Snoring (if I can't sleep then why should any else)
    • iPod users who use cheap earphones that spill out so much sound that I can hear their poor choice of music - get some decent in-ear sound-isolating ear phones and keep your bad taste music to yourself
    • People who laugh out loud when listening to something in the headphones (IFE, movie, iPod etc) - if its that funny then share it with the rest of us
    • People mixing coke with their scotch - soda water or dry ginger ale is ok in the economy cabin, but only ice (3 cubes max) or a little spring water is acceptable in business or first cabins
    • People who travel with their entire duty-free allowance of perfume or cologne worn on their body - give me natural body ordure rather than some Froggy interpretation of gender enlightenment
  16. oz_mark

    oz_mark Enthusiast

    Jun 30, 2002
    Flight Map:
    View my flight map
    That would defeat my excuse for not doing work :)

    My pet peeve, though, would have to be the times when people bring that much crap on the plane that the overhead bins around me are full (and there is no one actually in any of the seats near me when I get to my seat)
  17. QF WP


    Jun 20, 2002
    Flight Map:
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    When I have flown in recent years, generally like others here I'm working on board with my laptop. Thankfully, few flights have been in whY, as I've been depleting my QFF points balance.

    On the few times I have been stuck in Y, should the inconsiderate person be reclining when not allowed (climbing or decent, or meal times), I generally ask them to bring it up. Should they get their back up, well it's easy to ask for the CSM to point it out in a more forceful way (by simply pointing to the reclined chair, without needing to say anything :rolleyes: )

    I rarely get the chance to recline, so the pax behind me must always be happy that I'm not a recliner.
  18. acampbel

    acampbel Member

    Oct 31, 2005

    The only time when it is justifiable to recline an aircraft seat is when you are trying to catch some sleep. To do it "just because it's my right" is both ignorant and arrogant. Airlines should have 2 sections in economy - one with fixed seats, tray tables and screens; the other with nothing except seats that recline. You wanna recline - then close your eyes and shut the feck up.

    The price would be the same either way as the lack of AVOD and meals would make up for the extra room needed.



  19. oz_mark

    oz_mark Enthusiast

    Jun 30, 2002
    Flight Map:
    View my flight map
    I guess I am fortunate that I have either never endured or noticed these things. In some cases maybe just not noticed, just cause I would not wear a pink shirt or add coke to scotch doesn't mean I will get irritated by others doing it :)

    And removing yellow blouses from women may or may not be a good thing. :shock:
  20. dajop

    dajop Senior Member

    Jul 1, 2002
    Flight Map:
    View my flight map
    Apart from inconsiderate recliners, my favourite would have to be the "lets block the aisle for 5 mins" person when disembarking .....

    1. Get the wheely bag down
    2. Bring the handle up
    3. Get the computer bag down
    4. Strap the computer bag onto the wheely bag
    5. Retrieve the book from the seat pocket
    6. Try and find space for the book in the computer bag
    7. Retrieve the jacket from OH locker
    8. Shake the jacket out
    9. Put the jacket on
    10. Retrieve the mobile phone & earpiece from the computer bag
    11. Insert earpiece into mobile phone and ears
    11a. (optional) Dial someone on the phone
    12. Commence walking towards front of plane.

    In the meantime ..... the 100 or so pax behind are almost to the point of violence.

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