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Qantas Club - CIB

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Oct 31, 2005
What is CIB? Complimentary Invitation Bartering.

I am just thinking aloud here, but I am sure that many QC members find themselves in possession of an unwanted QCCI but as soon as it expires they invariably have need of one.

My travel tends to be solo 90% of the time, with another 9% taken with colleagues who usually have QC membership themselves or there will be enough of us to get the rest in under the 1 guest per member rule.

But the other 1% of my travel is the bi-annual trip to Blighty, Europe and Asia which I take with the wife and kids. So far Qantas has been accommodating with getting us all in on my membership, but as the cherubs get older (currently 5 and 7) this will become problematic.

The old system of 10 passes per year (or whatever it was) worked perfectly in this situation, but the single pass per year I get for Silver does not - especially as they put expiry dates on them. Now I don't want to get into an argument about the fairness of the current scheme (that has been done to death previously) but I do want to float a silly idea of mine.

How about we start a QCCI "Bank"?

The concept is that you deposit your QCCI pass(es) into a central repository when you receive them, and then when you have need of one you can make a withdrawal. You will get the "oldest" pass for your use, which may be your own or could be someone else's that they had no immediate need for. It's sort of like storing your milk in a communal fridge.

The drawbacks to this arrangement are :-
  1. The trustworthiness of the "Bank".
  2. The timeliness getting a pass when you need it.
The backup plan is to approach Qantas to see if they will accept swapping an expiring CI for a new one, on the basis of "personal shoppers only". I don't have much faith in that one .....




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Not open for further replies.

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