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Jun 23, 2003
Given the Virgin side of AFF has had this style of thread for a while, and there are likely more than a few of us traveling in the front cabins of Qantas Domestic over the course of December/ January (for some reason), I thought it would be useful to create a thread dedicated to the meals for the foodies (of which there appear to be many) on this board.

My preference is that the thread is entirely (well mostly - most on this board don't listen) posts in the below format.


Date: [Month, Year]
Flight: QFxx_ YYY - ZZZ [times optional]
Service: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Refreshment [Per the flight details popup]
Meal: [Description] [Comments if you want]
[Photo - the important part!, including menu for Perth flights]
Alternatives: [Describe alternative choice if offered]
Wines: [Label and year where offered]

The equivalent Virgin thread is here:

There are already some Qantas meals shown here:

I will personally be adding to this thread before the new year.

Given the further reductions to Qantas Economy catering (eg. box meal), I don't think a similar thread is necessary for the (lack of) economy meals.
(and I'll stat by digging through my archives)

Date: April 2012
Flight: QF547 BNE 1755 SYD 1930
Service: Refreshment
Meal: Potato and Leek soup
Tasty enough but really not substantive enough for a cusp-dinner flight
View attachment 7063

Alternatives: Cheese platter
Wines: Yering Station Shiraz Voigner 2008; Voyager Estate Sem Sauv Blanc 2010
Date: Dec 2013
Flight: QF637 BNE MEL
Service: Dinner
Meal: Rigatoni with pork ragu and a cheesecake

Alternatives: Chicken salad
Wines: Unsure, I had the sparkling then just water
Date: December 2013
Flight: QF512 SYD 0905 BNE 0935
Service: Refreshment
Meal - Leg Ham and Gruyere Sandwich
nice and tasty, good choice on the breakfast shoulder service, albeit I could almost have made it in the lounge


Alternatives - Fresh fruit salad and yoghurt, mezze platter
Wines - (from looking at the trolley!) Teusner Woodside Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills 2013 ($17 at DM); unknown red
Pax - 11/12
PB - worked perfectly gate 2
Date - December 2013
Flight - QF974 BNE 1355 TSV 1550
Service - Refreshment
Meal - Pork with capsicum Cous Cous and Fresh Lime (cold meal)
Quite tasty, the capsicum added to the meal, pork was nicely cooked


Alternatives - Moroccan Vegetable Soup with Harissa; Cheese Box.
All with sourdough and a Madhouse Parisian chocolate cake
Wines - Hazelgrove Switch GSM 2012 ($35 Wineboss), Unknown Riesling
Pax - 11/12
PB - worked perfectly gate 18
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Date - December 2013
Flight - QF975 TSV 1635 BNE 1825 (Same plane turnaround with a quick visit to the very nice QPub)
Service - Refreshment
Meal - Smoked salmon with potato salad, leak aoli and lemon
Quite tasty and the potato salad was well cooked with lots of egg


Alternatives - gourmet cheese platter with pear, cream of leek and potato soup
Wines - Rocky Gully 2012 Cabernets ($15 cellardor), Woodlands Chardonnay Chloe 2010 ($60 DM)
Pax - 4/12
PB - no queue when I boarded
Date - December 2013
Flight - QF553 BNE 1825 SYD 2100 (Walked up to the service desk on landing early and got switched to this flight which was already boarding... BSI to boot)
Service - Dinner (announced as light dinner)
Meal - Salmon fillet with Potato and couscous Vegetables
No photo. But a nice delicate fillet of salmon, potato mash that was edible, although lacking butter and an ok cous cous

Alternatives - Pork and couscous salad (presumbaly the same as earlier in the day)
Wines - Teusner Woodside Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills 2013 ($17 at DM); Hazelgrove Switch GSM 2012 ($35 Wineboss)
Pax - 5/12
PB - no queue when I boarded
Date: October 2013
Flight: QF611 BNE-MEL
Service: Breakfast
Meal: Ricotta tart with pork sausage, tomato and spinach

Lunch - 1.5hr scheduled service.
Date: October 2013
Flight: QF802 PER-MEL
Service: Lunch
Meal: Small Plate - Salad of Prosciutto with Eggplant Caviar
Main Plate - Barbecued Salmon​




Salmon Tart


Small Plate

<Picture of Salmon missing>


Muffin and coffee to finish

Alternatives: See Menu

Date: Dec 2013
Flight: QF420
Service: Refreshment
Meal: Croissant Cheese/Mushroom & Yogurt & Warm Mini-Muffin

Date: Dec 2013
Flight: QF862
Service: Refreshment
Meal: Cold Chicken Salad with Asparagus & Creamy Dressing; plus Mince Pie (Xmas leftovers lol)
Alternatives: Fish Pie

Date: Dec 2013
Flight: QF863
Service: Lunch
Meal: Butter Chicken (somewhat cold); plus Mince Pie (Xmas leftovers again)
Alternatives: Pasta & Meatballs

Date: Dec 2013
Flight: QF447
Service: Refreshment
Meal: Cheese Box; and yes, you guessed it, a Mince Pie
Alternatives: Cold Chicken Salad, or Warm Soup

Sorry, no photos, but you aren't really missing much.
Yuk meal is all I can say ,

Mince pie
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Quite possibly the best breakfast I've had on QF:

Date: Dec 2013
Flight QF8 (BNE-SYD)
Service: Breakfast
Meal: French toast with ham, poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise sauce.
Alternative: Some fruit plate with yoghurt

Quite possibly the best breakfast I've had on QF:

Date: Dec 2013
Flight QF8 (BNE-SYD)
Service: Breakfast
Meal: French toast with ham, poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise sauce.
Alternative: Some fruit plate with yoghurt


This meal stunk up the cabin the other day. Very off putting.