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Platinum Credit Limits

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Mar 14, 2006
Hi all I have a Amex Platinum card and my limit is under $10K which I am happy with.
My question would be on the amex site they say the credit limits are higher with Platinum card but mine is the same as my Rewards maximiser was and I have never payed card late and only owe a small amount on the card anyway,and as far as i know they have never checked my income details before and I have had several card changes with amex usually upgrades to the next higher card being offered.
So am I just being sucked in on the whole "platinum" scam.I guess that you should make the choice yourself as to what you need/want I just don't think that the annual fee is worth it and am thinking about switching to a card that I can earn Malaysia Airlines Enrich points.

Any Ideas ???


Aug 27, 2004
LT Gold
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Amex (and most CC companies) set the limit based on your provided income and regular expenses/debts provided during the application. This generally includes any other credit cards as potential debt.

When I applied for my Amex Gold CC, I was given a $25,000 limit. When I changed that for a Rewards Maximiser card, the limit remained the same.

After a period of using the card (perhaps 6 or 12 months), they may offer a higher credit limit. You can always call and ask them for a higher limit if you feel you want/deserve it.

A Platinum card will not automatically provide a higher credit limit than a Gold or other card. I expect they use exactly the same formula for calculating the limit, no matter what card is requested. However, I believe the upper limit of credit limits available is higher for a Plat card than it is for a Gold card.


Jun 30, 2002
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Generally the credit limits available with any card fit within certain bands,with a lower and upper limit applicable to a particular card. Generally speaking the minimum and maximums are higher for platinum over gold, but they certainly have a degree of overlap.

You do need to assess whether the fees are worth it based on the value you receive from the card. I find the return domestic trip makes the card of value to me (given that I am in Perth). If you assess the benefits are not worth the fees, then another card would be advisable.
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May 9, 2006
I had requested for a limit increase previously. Just call the customer service line on your statement, and they can tell you what is the max you can ask for, then they key into the computer, and wait 30 seconds for the computer, and done!
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