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Nice wines I have drunk recently - Red or White


Feb 26, 2015

popped a few bottles of these on the weekend, no info on how this is made, will release in retail land in a few months time.

around 5 years in bottle really helps the young semillon settle down a bit, big citrus fruit ,warm honey and buttery,acidity just right ,a long finish , Very smashable right now.


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Aug 2, 2011
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Aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!! Yet another night exploring the world of alcohol. Specifically in these wee hours making notes of the effects of a special two-bourbon blend - not wine at all tonight. But something in this cocktail is giving me flashbacks to a recent wine I enjoyed - not sure why, nor care.

In any case, I am a devout believer that enjoyment, not price, is your best guide to a great wine experience. But the constant flashbacks that plague me at the moment are for a more-than-usually expensive tipple for me.

Roda 1 - a tempranillo.

I have always loved spanish wines - mainly their cheap stuff - the glorious simplicity of a "house" rioja in the correct setting. But the other day I had a bottle of Roda 1 with a friend. This retails at best price in aussie for about $160 - obviously a tad more at a restaurant. I was unconvinced about it until I actually tried it.

Oh My God. How can a simple tempranillo be so good?

My colleague JohnM uses a phrase to describe a deep personal enjoyment of a wine - the "wow" factor. Essentially it means that a certain wine really hits the right notes for you, specifically, personally, taking it way above other similar items. This Roda 1 did not have that wow factor for me - it induced in me the need for a higher term - ie the "OMG".

I am too poor as yet to get addicted to same. But as always in Life, I rejoice at inspiration. The day I have twenty or so dozens of Roda 1 in my cellar to consume as merely "house wine" then I know I have reached another level. And that day will come.

One half of my cellar sporting said tempranillo in bulk, the other half full of Botran carribean rum.

God I love being alive :)


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Jun 7, 2006
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The exploration of off-piste blends goes on...

I can’t recall where I got this one from. I think it was when I bought some points from QF Wine and lo and behold a mixed dozen showed up on my doorstep a week or so later. 😜

Anyway, just delish with lamb chops off the barbie on a warm evening in PERfection. :)

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