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HH points earning credit cards?


Established Member
Apr 7, 2011
I'm sad but not surprised to see this card go. I thought they'd just leave it as a grandfathered card. Can't complain about no annual fee (which they've grandfathered into the new card according to the email I've just received). Was great for getting to Diamond without the usual stay requirements and the annual weekend night certificate. Perhaps Amex's deval brought forward the closure of this product. Amex is currently up to 2:1 (depending on the MR card you hold)and was coming down to 1:1 which is the same as Macquarie HH earn rate. Hope I get my last weekend certificate soon. I'll have to get familiar with Macquarie Rewards again. I think the only airline they had was Qantas and only for the QFF card. Might be able to get migrated to that instead of Macquarie rewards.

We'll probably see a HH from Amex Au before the end of the year in line with US - now there are no other HH rewards cards in the market except for Amex (currently through MR).


Active Member
May 30, 2009
Boo...I really appreciated this card. Have to work out if the new Rewards Card worth holding. But as some have noted, hopefully new Hilton card before 2021. Otherwise it will be a lot of work to gain Diamond from stays given they have not done many Double Stay promos in a while.
If amex continues to come to the party with statement credits for Hilton stays, I won't be too fussed to lose diamond.
May 3, 2016
Yeh shame about this still, luckily I'm diamond so that's a nice wee benefit. Will be cancelling the card closer to the date I guess, I'd love another Hilton Visa to come out at some point, I'm quite happy with my Velocity Amex so not looking to switch Amex to Hilton.

At least we've got a couple of years to find something!! :)

Supersonic Swinger

Active Member
Aug 15, 2006
What airlines can Macquarie reward Points be transferred to?

Is there a thread someone can point me to?
Macquarie rewards can only be redeemed for eGiftcards or cashback:

"What can I redeem my points for?
Our rewards program is digital and offers a range of eGift cards for you to choose from. There is also the choice of redeeming points for Cashback into an eligible Macquarie account."

Macquarie Credit Card Rewards Programs FAQ | Macquarie

If you're on the fee free Macquarie Hilton, if you want to earn QFF points it looks like it'll be a change of card and you move to a $299 annual fee:

"Can I switch my new credit card from the Macquarie Rewards program to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program?
Yes, you can switch your credit card rewards program to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. Once you receive your card in the mail, just give us a call on 1300 150 300. Please note, if you wish to switch your loyalty program to Qantas Frequent Flyer, you will be charged an annual fee of $299 on your next annual fee date.



Junior Member
Jul 22, 2015
Looks like Macquarie lost the Hilton contract. Citi lost the US contract and Amex is now issuing Hilton cards in the US. Same might eventually happen in Australia.

I have the Macquarie card too. Hope they can keep it going even if with no new applications. I like the benefits on it.

Same in the UK, Barclays no longer offering Hilton card