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EBP Life Hack


Junior Member
Dec 18, 2019
Due to having received a few pm's in regards to my last post I thought I'd post a revised version here.

The way it works is you make a payment from YP to EBP and YP deducts $ from your card at 1%, and then you make a payment from EBP, who doesn't charge you any $, b/c they only charge their surcharge when topping up from your credit card. Therefore, YP doesn't know what the payment is for, since the payment is made via EBP. Hence meaning you can make transactions such as BPay payments - or any other payment that YP doesn't permit but EBP does. Therefore you can make more types of payments for a lower amount - 1% as opposed to 1.3%.

The specific details you need to use to top up your funds are as follows

ABN: 58 167 062 526

BSB: 037-826

Account Number: In EBP - At the bottom right hand corner of "funds - Top ups - Manual Top Ups". Use the account number in the EFT field to top up your funds. This account number is unique to everyone

Then your payment will be charged at 1% exc. gst instead of 1.3% exc. gst if you use Yak Pay whilst earning the full rewards points associated with your card.
Feel free to pm me if you further info in regards to topping up your funds in EBP via YP.
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