Dark mof_ Winter Feast ‘21 🔥

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So sad if may be the very last.

Hopefully not. The creative director, Leigh Carmichael has had a rough few years. Last year's cancellations, then this year, he got well bitten by his own woke crowd over the 'Union Flag' fiasco. I usually go to a few of the arty type events, but this year, without Dark Park it got a bit too hard, as we aren't diehards. Its clear that Hobart isn't as shockable as it was when they started out and sometimes it seems like they are trying a bit too hard to stir up a controversy and its usually the same targets. ie creativity declining.

But with this event, no amount of governemnt money will 'save' it - its entirely up to the mof_ team and I think they even rejected some of the government money on offer this year.

Yes hopefully that is true. Apparently overnight they lost about 40% of their attendees. Looks busy though so that’s good.

No cancellations for Winter Feast as its not pre-ticketed. Its the most popular event, esp with locals (save perhaps the Winter Solstice nude swim). Nearly always packed, including last night (cap on attendance), a cold and wet evening. The Dark mof_ arty events I think have suffered from cancellations, although hard to tell; will be interesting to see what the hotel people report.

With the shed at its COVID capacity, last night there were queues to get back in from the outside area from around 5PM.

Interesting; we were going back and forth without delay until 6:30 pm when we decided it was time to stay inside. We left abt 8pm.
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I looked at coming down for the Winter Feast a few weeks ago.Basically has to be on Saturday night because of work.However then the choice of hotel rooms was 1 room in the RACV hotel and a choice of 2 bunks in a backpacker hotel.I resigned myself to not coming.
When the recent Victorian lockdown commenced there were a few rooms at exorbitant prices.
However last week when cases were increasing there were obviously more cancellations and a good choice of hotels.The most reasonable price was one just 300 metres from the feast venue.And easy wobble back.

This might not be the last Winter Feast but was my last opportunity to attend as won't be back in winter again.
The Mockery says:

THERE is no suggestion that this will be the last Dark mof_.

DarkLab’s Leigh Carmichael spoke exclusively with the Mercury to say that while there will be a review of all aspects of the event – it certainly wouldn’t be the last one.

Comments made by Mr Carmichael earlier this week saying “perhaps the event has run its course” fuelled speculation about the iconic festival’s future.

“Our five-year funding agreement with Events Tasmania is up for renewal,” Mr Carmichael confirmed.

“In light of ongoing uncertainty and the difficulty imposed through Covid restrictions, international border closures and artist boycotts, we feel now is the time to consider how we move forward.”
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Well, if there’s any SARS-CoV-2 in Hobart I suspect we’ll find out soon. I’ve had the natural and man made inoculations so not worried personally, but there have been a lot of situations over the past few days where it’s virtually impossible to avoid breathing in visible plumes of other people’s breath. The Winter Feast queues as of 20:30 tonight were a sight to behold.
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