Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?


Jul 13, 2006
Indeed, I get the impression Aussies are too busy emptying supermarket shelves to go on holiday!
cheers skip

Not at the supermarkets I frequent. And at Costco, when don't shoppers here have full trollies?

I think it is more that hand sanitiser has a run on.
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Some of the footage on Twitter is unreal. People running across main highways because they can't find parking spots, to get in and buy things.

Literally insane. Why are people in such fear over a virus they really don't have to be scared of? Just mad.
Kwinana and Mandurah had huge sales of toilet rolls. The rest of our suburbs really need to catch up.
And still, what is it with the toilet paper??? I really really don not understand why that is still an issue for panic buying.

Its a bulky item, when even 5 are bought off a shelf looks empty, more people buy etc etc blah blah has been discussed to death.

I did find it hilarious seeing line ups for hundreds of meters at Petrol stations in Perth. Why do you need Petrol when you aren’t allowed to go anywhere for 5 days?

Probably because everyone in Perth lining up knows they haven't been checking in, doing contact tracing, not social distancing and generally just pretending life is normal.

I was only just there and was flabbergasted with the lack of.... everything really covidsafe..... A shop assistant even touched me! I told them to please maintain their distance politely and they looked like I was from the moon.....
They won’t need to as they’ll have run out of the food because they didn’t buy enough.
Mrs Pineapple thinks the TP is for the aftereffects of having to eat rotting food because they didn't buy/have enough

Cheers skip