Are you Going to use the COVIDsafe App?


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Nov 16, 2004
I did research this a fair bit and I decided I was happy to:

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At least those download numbers over the past 5 hours shouldn’t have crashed the system. 😀
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Me too. Google gives me a monthly report of where I have been - so if this will help my health or my family, I cant see why not !!

I thought it merely recorded which phones (that also have the app and have Bluetooth turned on) you have been near for more than 15 mins. The app itself doesn't know where you are because its not GPS enabled.
I dont like keeping my phones Bluetooth activated so Ive manually turned it off and will turn back on when I plan to leave the house.

Ive only left the house twice since March 17, and neither were populated areas/shops/only saw 1 person and I think I'll be at home for another 4-5 weeks so not much data from/for me.
ABC radio news in Tas is still calling this a ‘tracking app’ :rolleyes: Yesterday, The morning show host also only called it a ‘tracking’ app.

this morning, their only guest about it was green independent MHR Andrew Wilkie, who said he wouldn’t be using it because of ‘civil liberty concerns’. The usual clap trap from those who automatically take the opposite position to anything the current governing does.:rolleyes:
I and +1 have downloaded the app. If it helps the authorities to track contacts and allows earlier lifting of restrictions, I'm all for it! ps Google, FB etc as well your mobile phone provider can already track you. If you want to be completey incognito, leave your phone at home when you go out!