AirCalin flight SYD-NOU lounge access

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Jul 23, 2013
Rant + Dilemma :(:(:(

Recently got a new job and stupid work have really made a mess of an upcoming trip to New Caledonia...I need help !

Will be traveling Sydney to Noumea next month on QF metal but Aircalin ticket purchased thru Webjet. Don't get me started :evil::evil:
So its a SB flight number operated by Qantas.
How do I get lounge access, priority check-in / boarding etc. ??
I am a VA Plat member (I know this won't get me anywhere), Alitalia Plat, Etihad Gold and Qantas Bronze (previous Qantas Club member)
So my questions are:
1. If i renew my Qantas Club membership, will this give me lounge access etc? (Will be doing more QF flights in future so im not worried about the $$, it will be useful anyway)
2. If not, how do I get lounge access? Is there any airline I should request a status match from my current status to gain these perks?

I have told work that in future I will take care of all my flights. :!:

Any help is much appreciated.


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Jan 17, 2005
You'll probably find that when you check in, your boarding pass will show the QF flight number. It may also say "sold as SBxx_". But if it's showing the QF flight number and you have rejoined the QP then you should be fine to get lounge access.

They're unlikely to put only SBxx_ on your boarding pass because many people would get lost trying to find the right gate and aircraft, and that would cause delays.
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