AFF Gathering #16 in LST on 13 – 15 October 2023

Added to Calendar: 13-10-23, 14-10-23, 15-10-23

Tulpips NW Tas Oct 18-28.jpg

Launceston has been chosen as the AFF Annual Gathering destination for 2023, occurring over the weekend of the 13 to 15 October. The average temperature range for October is 7ºC – 18.2ºC (November is 9.1ºC to 20.5ºC). The average rainfall is 48mm with 7.5 rainy days. It is Tasmania's second most populous city following Hobart – which held AFF#7 in 2013 – and Australia's 21st most populous overall.

In addition to the usual dinners, planned activities (all subject to confirmation) for Saturday include a visit to the Table Cape tulip farm in full bloom, Ashgrove cheese and/or Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm and/or Anvers chocolate, and a separate wine excursion along the Tamar River, perhaps including the Beaconsfield Mine (disaster) museum. On Sunday, a visit to Cataract Gorge and/or a cruise on the Tamar and if possible, a visit to the National Automobile Museum and the Boags brewery.

Costs are expected to be inline with past AFF Meet-ups, subject to fuel price increases!

However, the organisers have noted that wineries in the area who will take groups of more than 10 are limited. An alternative to the usual style of AFF-organised bus may be an externally-organised paid tour, but this would be more expensive - perhaps $170 including transport, lunch and tastings but this could take a bigger group. Those who may consider themselves 'Platinum' or 'Gold' may wish to express their willingness to pay for the second option if the usual style tour is not possible, to assist with planning.

Please make it known what activities you would be interested in (generally) when indicating attendance, so the organisers can gauge numbers before announcing final plans and itineraries. For example:
  • interested/not interested in alcohol-based activities (vineyard/distillery/brewery),
  • interested/not interested in food based activities (cheese/chocolate/fruit),
  • interested/not interested in general activities (museums/flowers/cruise)., etc.
The usual schedule includes two dinners, a Friday welcome dinner that is more casual and a Saturday "guest speaker" dinner that could be considered more formal. While people generally mingle at both, you may find the space chosen on Saturday makes it harder to do so, but is regarded as the main event as well.

The lead organisers this year are @RooFlyer & @Steady , however they encourage all members local to Launceston (or surrounding areas) to raise their hands on helping coordinate the weekend.

The AFF Leadership Team can provide support in terms of money collection and distribution, and editing this thread as needed. If something needs to be updated, please simply report the post with the update so anyone on the team can action it (starting a conversation only alerts one person).


Tulips: VDQ Bulbs | Van Diemen Quality Bulbs
Ashgrove: Ashgrove Cheese, Tasmania, Australia
Christmas Hills: Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe
House of Anvers:
Beaconsfield: Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre
National Automobile Museum: N.A.M.T.
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1525 isn’t going to work as our chariot has only just arrived.
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We eventually departed LST at about 1605. On arrival in MEL rush trip from the furthest gate then quickly through security and immigration. (I have never seen it so quiet)
Into the lounge to find our boarding has been pushed back from 1810 to 1840.
Quickly did the electronic NZ arrivals form and now we have 20 min to rest and recover.

Thanks to RooFlyer & Steady and everyone for a great weekend.
As the dust settles on AFF 16, all thoughts now turn to 2024.... Where will it be?

2024 - ?????
2023 - LST (13-15 October)
2022 - NTL (21-23 October)
2021 - Cancelled
2020 - CBR (4 to 6 December)
2019 - SYD (18 to 20 October)
2018 - ADL (19 to 21 October)
2017 - DRW (7 to 9 July)
2016 - PER (11 to 13 November)
2015 - CNS (16 to 18 October)
2014 - MEL (24 to 26 October)
2013 - HBA (29 November to 1 December)
2012 - OOL (26 to 28 October)
2011 - CBR (7 to 9 October)
2010 - BNE (22 to 24 October)
2009 - SYD (23 to 25 October)
2008 - ADL (28 to 30 November)
2008 - MEL (1 to 3 August)

Tally so far:

Capital cities
ADL x2
BNE x1
CBR x2
DRW x1
HBA x1
MEL x2
PER x1
SYD x2

Regional cities
CNS x1
OOL x1
NTL x1
LST x1

Thanks to @AIRwin for the list above on an old thread. Now updated.
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Haha I don't fly Jetstar if I can't avoid it but the plane I was on from mel-bne last night also took me to Darwin then back to Brisbane this morning.
The passenger paged (last remaining passenger failed to board) was your Christian name, but I didn’t recognise the surname. Not you then 😉
Thanks everyone for a great weekend, and especially the organisers for doing the hard yards. Always great to catch up with regular attendees and to meet newcomers as well!

I hope everyone made it home safely.

Here are a few of my photos from the weekend, starting with a shot of Launceston on the way in:


Sparkling wine tasting:


Lunch on the wine tour:

Glad everyone made it home (or to their next stopover) safely. Very appreciative of the effort that everyone made to attend - especially the long-haulers @boxo and @PrezRegan . We weren't sure how many would devote a Friday to flying down (as opposed to hopping over after-hours from MEL) but we got 40 registrants in the end!

We welcomed many old friends and hopefully some new ones.

Thanks to @JessicaTam for looking after the 'books' so efficiently and @serfty for various admin bits 'n pieces, @support for early advice on logistics, also @CanadianJay (nee meMEme) and @sirchop for airport runs. @admin 's early encouragement made planning easier. Apologies if I've missed anyone (let me know!!).

Next AFF catch-up this Friday :oops:
Well, it wasn’t a good opening. I wondered why the case of 6, when I bought a dozen. But I put that down to maybe being sent in 2 cases.
I do love the gifts and handwritten card:
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Well, it wasn’t a good opening. I wondered why the case of 6, when I bought a dozen. But I put that down to maybe being sent in 2 cases.
I do love the gifts and handwritten card:
Did you read the fine print? A dozen half-bottles, two of each variety, and they "combine shipping" by using more efficient shipping containers holding exactly two half bottles in each container :p
My receipt for the purchase of 12 bottles:


Lovely handwritten card, notebook and discount voucher


These were the only bottles - not what I’d ordered.



Looks like I’m off to contact them
It gets better. Had another advice to pick up a box from another local PO this morning. Now this is finally part of what I ordered but still waiting for more (and the first box isn’t mine). Anybody missing a 4 bottle order (including 2 Rose)





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