Card Promotions 150,000 Bonus Points - Amex Explorer Card, $395 annual fee returned as statement credit using ‘the champagne mile’ link

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Aug 9, 2021
I’m looking to get my first Amex CC, currently using the ANZ Rewards Black card to get the 180k points. I was browsing the web and stumbled across ‘the champagne mile’ which offers the 150,000 bonus points in addition to $395 as statement credit thus offsetting the annual fee for the first year. Seems like a good deal.

Link: 🔥 Exclusive Offer: 150,000 Bonus Points, $395 Back & $400 Travel Credit

This offer specifically ends August 24th however the 150,000 bonus points with the Explorer card is an ongoing offer ending October 26th on the official Amex website.
Can bump it up to 175k miles if using one of the AFF members referral links (I am one of the posters).

Not open for further replies.

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