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stopovers and transit

For more information about Stopovers and Transits, see our Stopover and Transit Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. G

    Answered Compensation Air New Zealand

    Booked Air New Zealand Fiji to Perth via Auckland with a 2 hr transit. Weeks later ANZ emailed asking me to ring as Auckland to Perth leg cancelled & I was rebooked the next day. This meant a stay overnight. On ringing I was not offered but had to ask about accomodation which after a very...
  2. C

    Question 10 hour transit at LAX, checked bag - Westjet/Qantas

    Hi all, the older threads on this were locked and I wanted to see if there were more recent experiences. I've got an upcoming YYZ-LAX-SYD trip, YYZ-LAX on Westjet (QF coded) with an approx. 10 hour connection for QF12 LAX-SYD. I'm aware that Westjet will tag my bag through to SYD but with the...
  3. K

    Advice needed on LAX transit

    Hi, first time at LAX. Will be on incoming flight LATAM to Tom Bradley at 6pm and out again at 10pm via QF from same terminal, on one ticket. How long should I expect it to take to get bags, clear customs and immigration and check in for QF flight? Could some nice person take me through exactly...
  4. A

    Question re transit in Auckland

    This is my first post so hopefully am in the right place... We are flying to Auckland on Qantas and then flying from Auckland to Dubai on Emirates. Both are reward flights using Qantas FF points As they are different airlines, do we need to clear customs when we arrive at Auckland and then check...
  5. A

    1:15 h transit between T1 & T2 in Melbourne enough?

    Taking an international flight from Sydney with a transit through Melbourne. Single ticket. Is that first SYD-MEL leg considered domestic and will I have to go through immigration at Melbourne from T1 to T2? And is 1 hour and 15 minutes risking it? Thanks.
  6. M

    Checked baggage for Transit to SYD

    Hello, i'll be travelling from CHC to SYD via Qantas with Intransit to SYD going to Philippines with waiting time of 4 hours..question: i will be checking a baggage do i need to pass and clear immigration to be able to get back my checked baggage?
  7. D

    Multicity or add stopover?

    Hi - I'm looking to book 3 tickets for PER->MEX next year but want to do a 1 week layover in LAX. Now if I book a return ticket its currently around $1550 via LAX but its around $1830 for the multicity. The return ticket allows a stopover at LAX at $100pp + taxes I believe so it would seem that...
  8. M

    Hong Kong Airport - transit

    I will be arriving HKG on QF127 at about 1600 and will transfer by CKS ferry to China at 2030 thru Skypier located at the transfer area E2. Given the long wait - would it be possible for me to visit some of the shops in the departure gates in the departures area and then return to the transit...
  9. B

    LHR lounge access in transit QF to SK

    I'm looking at business MEL-LHR-OSL on QF Booking on-line for the business sale and saver fares, the LHR-OSL flight using BA will be in economy. Do I have access to the BA lounge (a shower is what I want) on the basis of the QF MEL-LHR business ticket and I'm in transit? (I no longer have any...
  10. B

    Answered Complexity of transiting through HKG?

    Hopefully I've posted this question in the right place, and it's not intended as a political observation in any way. My son (16) is travelling with a school group to Europe in early November and returning late December, and HKG is the lay-over stop in both directions. I asked the school if...
  11. G

    HKG Transit Ideas

    Two of us have just booked flights to Europe for next July and will have a 7 hour transit stop in HKG. Looking for ideas on how best to use the time. We land at 17:20 and depart at 00:25. it's a day flight from Melbourne so we won't be needing to sleep. We're flying in on Qantas in J and out on...
  12. Q

    MEL QF J > EK F AKL transit

    Upcoming MEL - AKL QF J connecting to AKL-DXB EK F. Reward ticket. Can we: 1. Use QF F checkin in MEL 2. Use QF F lounge in MEL 3. Arrange a Chauffeur via EK in MEL And: 1. Is there any particular F lounge in AKL worth using Thanks
  13. T

    DL flight to SAN with a 5 hour stopover enough time to leave airport?

    on our virgin adventures in dec we need to book a delta flight from la to vegas. (will be flying first using points) we can go straight there.....or were thinking of getting a bit adventurous as there is a flight via san diego with a 5.5 hour stopover, would it be stupid crazy to jump in a uber...
  14. W

    Transiting In Manila - What Have I Gotten Myself Into

    Hi all, So, I booked business reward flights with Qantas to get from SYD - HND. It involved a transit in Manila (I know!!!). The flights are QF from SYD - MNL and then JL from MNL - HND with a 4 hr 55min hour layover. I assumed the capital airport would be similar to other major airports and...
  15. G

    Transit visa

    Hi all Just wondering if I need a transit visa if flying on Saudia or Kuwait airlines from Asia to UK. Thanks
  16. luxury-lizard

    Fares for itineraries which transit HKG

    While helping a friend find a last minute J fare SYD-xxx-JFK (or EWR) (and return a week later) - noticed that itineraries which transit HKG (on CX) were among the most expensive. I was surprised that CX were not discounting such fares as many passengers would not wish to risk a HKG connection...
  17. D

    Transiting at BNE

    Flying SYD-BNE-NRT on QF on one ticket, I presume the luggage would be through checked to NRT? Is there anywhere on the QF website that talks about the policy for this? Cheers
  18. Himeno

    Travel planning, RTW stopover suggestions

    I'm trying to work out a few stops of my round the world trip in a few months time. (yeah, I know, locking things in late again 😅) I've worked out start and end, need to work out stops in the middle. Stop in Europe, flying in to LHR on QF1. I had locked in CPH, but then I saw that it was a T5...
  19. B

    Transit from T5 to T3 - How and how long

    I've just been subjected to an involuntary itinerary change on a BA leg from Toronto to Helsinki via Heathrow. BA's change. Originally was a 5Hr layover, but now is 90 minutes. The ticket is a Qantas Frequent Flyer "Classic Oneworld Award" in J for 2 of us. So - How does this work, it's...
  20. siri

    Do Not take Shanghai transit going to London

    We took round the world Bus class one world 2 tickets and we have to use Shanghai as transit ( 6 hrs) to go to London via BA from Shanghai. Qantas new Bus class used from Syd to Shanghai and even though new design is pleasant and nice we both found (wife) that seats are not comfortable . Even...