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freq flyer credit cards

For more information about Frequent Flyer Credit Cards, see our Frequent Flyer Credit Card Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. smckay

    QC card and QFF membership expiry - be warned

    We both went on a trip last month, that went across our membership anniversary date for Qantas Frequent Flyer. Not thinking that there would be a problem we both loaded up funds to realise the miserable points offer, getting a poor exchange rate in the process. The issue came on November 7...
  2. SeaWolf

    Westpac Altitude Platinum MC: $250 Gift Voucher (JB, Myer or Webjet) with $800 Spend in 90 Days - $150 Annual Fee, Offer ends 15/01/2020

    I know we're all usually going for the bonus points here, but this is a pretty decent offer as well. Get a $250 gift voucher at JB Hifi, Myer or Webjet when you spend $800 in 90 days on a new Westpac Altitude Platinum and select Altitude Rewards Program. Features: Uncapped points earn rate: 1...
  3. JennyMG

    Looking for a new Qantas or Velocity FF BUSINESS Ccard for lower income.

    HI there, Just ditched my ridiculous Westpac Business Choice REwards QantasMastercard, after they gave me my 90K points suddenly after 2 months (yes I completed the 3K spend.) Here's my problem. I earn various amounts per year, and last year was only 62K (I'm a very very small business owner -...
  4. C

    Kogan credit card - No annual fee, includes $300 kogan.com credit

    Kogan has introduced a credit card, the Kogan Money Black Card. Highlights: No annual fee Intro offer - $300 Kogan.com store credit, after spending $3000 on eligible purchases in 90 days Free Kogan First membership (free/express shipping at kogan.com) Up to 2 reward points per dollar spent at...
  5. M

    Coles MasterCard 120k Flybuys ( 60k Velocity )

    Have had this card for several years, been a great non-Amex earner with no international fees & low $99 fee. When transferred during the twice yearly 15% bonus, you’ll be entitled to 60k Velocity Points. Coles Mastercard - Coles Credit Cards
  6. exceladdict

    Qantas Ultimate Amex up to 120k points again [Ends 6 Nov 2019]

    Fresh after I applied for it at 100k, the Qantas Ultimate Amex has bumped up to 120k points again, though with a higher minimum spend of $4500 in 3 months to activate the bonus points. If you're interested in this card head over to the referral forum so that a forum member gets a bonus, rather...
  7. J

    Linking Qantas money card with Uber and Google pay

    I have tried unsuccessfully to add my Qantas money card as a payment method to my Uber account and as a payment card to my Google pay account and both times I have been unsuccessful. Uber says "Sorry, something went wrong. We are unable to accept your card" Google pay says "Cannot add this...
  8. Z

    Points hack your next Holiday // CardTracker

    Hi everybody, A friend and I have been working on a website (CardTracker) that helps you to find the best value credit cards offering points. It also allows you to generate email reminders so that you don't miss the min. spend requirement dates and can avoid ongoing annual fees. You can find...
  9. S

    Rejected for AMEX platinum card. WHY?

    Can anyone enlighten me? My husband was just rejected for the AMEX platinum card with 100K velocity sign up bonus but I don't know why. Here's the details: He earns $118,000 Debt - mortgage $440,000 Credit card - $6,000 We have two dependants. We have no other debts. His credit rating is...
  10. K

    AMEX Platinum Charge - VA LA Lounge Access

    I have read different posts and threads about the AMEX Platinum Charge card but what I am trying to understand is if it will provide us access to VA lounges in LA/SFO without the plat/gold status. It will be 2 adults and 1 child. Also do I need to activate/apply for Priority Pass before gaining...
  11. Obi-run Kenobi

    CC Application Declined Instantly

    Curious to know people's experience with this, based on your knowledge of eligibility criteria... I just applied for a new CC and, in short, was declined instantly at the end of the online application. The card was only a Macquarie Plat with minimum income requirement of 50k. My income is...
  12. R

    Bonus 25k Flybuy points Citibank Global Currency Account

    Not a credit card offer but still worth posting! Be rewarded with 25,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS (approx 12.5k velocity points)when you apply for a Citi Global Currency Account, transfer and convert AUD$1,000 or more to a foreign currency within the first three months. Offer valid until 30...
  13. Mattg

    20% bonus Asia Miles on NAB Rewards transfers

    You can currently earn 20% bonus CX Asia Miles when transferring at least 3,000 points from NAB Rewards. Offer ends 8 September 2019. https://rewards.nab.com.au/AIRLINE?cm_re=homepage-_-RT4-_-airlinesunauth
  14. R

    CC recommendation - no overseas transaction fees?

    Hi All Looking for a cc churn. I have only opened 2-3 this year. Need to spend a few $ on park tickets which will be charges in $US, thus attracting an overseas fee charge of around 3% I know the Bank west card has 0% fees but that is my everyday card so can't apply. Any others out there, all...
  15. J

    Westpac Altitude Black Amex/MC bundle - 160k Altitude points (CCC exclusive until 12/8)

    Just came across this Credit Card Compare exclusive - 160k Altitude Points, which I think converts at a 3:1 rate (not sure about that) to VA, SQ, CX and MH. Not a massive offer but may be of interest to some. Ends 12 August...
  16. J

    Amex Velocity Platinum - up to 100k until 12 Aug 2019 (PointHacks)

    If anyone missed the recent 'up to 100k' Amex Velocity Platinum Card offer, PointHacks have an exclusive until 12 August. The min spend is a bit different this time: "Receive 85,000 Velocity points when you spend $1,500 or more within the first 3 months, then earn an additional 5,000 Velocity...
  17. J

    CBA World Debit Mastercard invitation

    I logged into my netbank this afternoon and a popup invitation asked of i wanted to register for an upgrade to a World Debit Mastercard. Part of the benefits was accesss to lounges in the Loungekey network. Although i didn't see of this was limited or not. Has anyone else received this?
  18. fantasy86dj

    Coles Platinum MasterCard

    Good evening, Just a few questions about this card. I have had this card for about 4 months now as my main credit card. I also have DJ's Platinum ($6400 limit) but hardly ever use that. I am making about 73k a year but that includes 12k or so of overtime. I am looking at maybe getting a limit...
  19. Mattg

    Hilton Gold status shortcut for Visa Signature/Infinite cardholders

    Hilton Honors is currently running a promotion in conjunction with Visa, for Visa Infinite and Visa Signature credit card holders living in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand). By registering on the Visa website you can get instant Hilton Honors Gold status after 2...
  20. Happy Dude

    Answered What does this clause mean? (ANZ premium card)

    I'm hiring a campervan in Australia and looking at insurance options. If I pay with my ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures visa card, I'll be covered for excess up to $5k, unless this: "We will not pay: 1. for the collision excess, where the full amount payable by you under the rental vehicle...