Where to get a pre-flight COVID-19 test?


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Sep 21, 2009
Anyone in Brisbane had experience getting a supervised RAT for a 2-year old? We are travelling to the US. We enquired at a Chemist Warehouse, but they said that they couldn't sign-off for a 2-year old as the tests are for 3+ only. But the US requires a test for anyone over 2...
Histopath at the Intl airport might do it?
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Sep 14, 2020
Histopath at the Intl airport might do it?

Thanks; we're going to check with TerryWhite first but it makes sense that Histopath in the airport would cater for all ages. I see they do a PCR option so worst case we'll get that done instead of a RAT the day before departure.

Call their general info number and they should be able to tell you what to do, ,ay be able to go to one of theirs closer to home.

Histopath only have an Airport location in Brisbane unfortunately (in fact it looks like all their "community" branches are in NSW).