Where is this photo taken? (Anyone can post a photo)


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Apr 12, 2013
Gunwalloe Church in Cornwall?
Nice work. Yes Gunwalloe Church has several unique features. The bell tower was reputedly built over the original priests cave. The Breton clergy moved from the sight of Mont St Michel to the one of St Michaels Mount in the period 300-600 AD. The tower is thought to date from around 1200AD..

The church at Gunwalloe is named after St Wynwallow, a Breton Saint the name being a corruption of a form of Guillaume. There are painting of some saints on panels inside the church that were painted on a panel from an old shipwreck, and these date from the 1500s.

The Lizard Peninsula has a number of churches named after Breton Saints including another St Wynwallow at Landewednack, and St Mellanus at Mullion.

My Great Grandfather was born in Gunwalloe, and came to AU in the early 1900s, hence my interest. But anyone looking for a town or even village called Gunwalloe - it doesn't exist. However, the largest "hamlet" in the Parish, Chyanvounder, offers a very fine Inn, The Halzephron (although it was called the Ship Inn when my Great Grandfather was born).
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Jul 1, 2002
OK whilst we're on Dinosaurs, where can you find these dinosaurs? I'm assuming there might be a few AFF'er who've visited here so shouldn't be too difficult ....

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