Where have all the WORKERS gone?

Those just realising more to life than work?
This is also true, to a certain extent. My understanding is, given the border closures (& hence no international students) there has been a massive shortage of students to work certain jobs that are not as appealing to, say, those that have PR or have found better paying jobs. I know of international (& even local) students, who would not like to go back to their previous jobs, just because they don't think it's worth doing it now.

I think that the pandemic (lockdowns/staying indoors for extended periods of time) has made people more self-aware (not sure if this is the right word). Meaning, they value spending time on themselves as opposed to going out & picking a shift at work.

I, on the other hand, hate staying indoors (unless it's made mandatory by the government) and I took more than 1 casual gigs during the pandemic and continue to do them even today.

The pandemic has made people to think things differently to how they would've thought pre-CoVID. I also think, given that people did not spend $$ as much during the lockdowns and started to save lots of money and now they want to enjoy the luxury that $$ can buy/offer.
ALL the above...

Plus all the old age pensioners who actually want to do a bit extra, and also know how to do the job, but wont in case they lose the pension.
Obviously a lack of general Physicians at present. I was offered 2 jobs yesterday at 75% above what I was getting in February this year. I think mrsdrron considered cancelling our trip!
Now you're retired, I imagine the net pay as a percentage of gross would have looked even better
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At the ophthalmologists today and he said they just can't get enough staff to keep the practice going especially nurses for any surgery and if there is an emergency they just have to add it to the end of the day.
There is a confluence of many factors. I work in the tech industry, so my experience is from there, but also more broadly;

- There are far less O/S students coming from China (by far the top consumer of AU education), because the government there has been literally saying AU is an unfriendly country and to not go there. Traveling internationally for Chinese people is also much harder now, and there's not any guarantee government there will approve outbound visas. This is a political set of decisions, and you can look at it as the Chinese government not wanting their consumers spend money in countries such as AU.

- There is a massive lack of housing. Even if workers were coming here in droves (and let me assure you that they are not), the rental vacancy rate is the lowest in history. So where do you expect them to live?

- Many workers (skilled) left during COVID and are not interested in coming back due to various reasons

- There is a natural brain drain where a lot of people leave to go to EU or US, because we have a shrinking set of skilled industries (for example, aeronautical engineers is a salient example), and nonexistent in many others (eg. AI).

- This is a multiplier for both of the above but, for young skilled workers (the kind we really want), they see AU as a country with very high cost of living here, low quality of life (subjective I know), very boring in terms of events and nightlife, very complicated and expensive to travel inside the country and stay in accommodation (compare with cheap bullet trains all over Europe), and there's just no real reason for them to come here.

Historically, AU has always had "high" salaries, which helped attract talent, however lately, at least in tech, remote work and very big tech companies have balanced the equation a lot, and you can now get very good salaries in many EU cities, which are arguably much more livable than AU - notwithstanding Europe's incapability to build reliable energy production or air-conditioning. Combined with the fact that everything here costs about 3 times more than in any other developed country, the money equation no longer adds up in Australia's favour. I know far more people who are looking to leave AU, than friends overseas who are interested in moving to AU (literally none).

In Europe, you can go and have a night out as often as you like. In Australia, unless you are earning top 1% of salaries, it's a monthly activity which will be very expensive. Add on top of this that Australia is a totally overregulated nanny state which makes the EU look like a libertarian paradise.

Edit: Forgot another factor - COVID expedited the retirement of the baby boomer cohort heading towards retirement. This is a very large group of workers that won't be possible to replace - we need to work our way through that with automation and efficiency gains.
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Along with Australia Post , Centrelink is advertising for ApS3 and 4's at the moment
However I suspect both places currently receive a bucketload of abuse from their client base

Re the age pension . There is quite a decent incentive with Age pension to return to work

However I think people who may return to work already have non work income , so adding work income in and the loss of the pension benefits would not be conducive to returning . If that makes sense at all lol.
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When we were in Melbourne recently, we got an Uber to and from the airport. First driver said he was a worker at the airport but is now an Uber driver, gets $50 an hour (twice as much as airport worker) and much better conditions. Second driver was previously a restaurant worker, earns far more as Uber driver and much better conditions.
When we were in Melbourne recently, we got an Uber to and from the airport. First driver said he was a worker at the airport but is now an Uber driver, gets $50 an hour (twice as much as airport worker) and much better conditions. Second driver was previously a restaurant worker, earns far more as Uber driver and much better conditions.
The trouble we are starting to see with Uber and the likes in ADL now is that because the money is ok and service was in demand a lot of people have decided to work for them and we now have a bit of a glut in the system. The last couple of trips we have had the drivers have said they are down about 25% of the jobs they were getting about a month ago.
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Along with Australia Post , Centrelink is advertising.......

Brother in law is a postie and asked retired hubby yesterday if he wants to apply for Aussie Post for Christmas. Brother in law is already talking about how horrible Chrissy period is going to be.
I thought that this was very interesting - and sobering for the future - summary in relation to aviation:
Was interesting as he tied together a number of the factors that have been discussed over different threads on AFF, but really boils down to the incompatibility of lowest fares, with wages sufficiently high (across the entire aviation industry) to attract enough workers.
LCCs pay peanuts to keep their cost base low. Legacy airlines have to cut, cut, cut to try and compete as many pax choose their flights based on price. Vicious circle.

What was also intriguing was trying to work out his accent: I’d guess there’s Dutch or Danish as his main language, but I reckon he either learned his English in Ireland, or has spent a bunch of time there as he has an Irish accent too. 🤔

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