What’s happened to “who”?

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Port Power

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Jan 9, 2016
What’s happened to “who”? For example, this extract from the AFF article on fuel surcharges:
“Many Qantas Frequent Flyer members that have been earning points in the interim period to use towards an international trip may be in for a shock.”

People are “who”, dogs and cats are “that”. Even ABC presenters are using the wrong word.
I am extremely irked by the use of incorrect grammar and word usage. I just have to say it somewhere!
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Everyone just seems to accept a low bar these days. The ABC doesn't have the funds to facilitate such pedantry it would seem. I've seen several simple typo and tense errors on their news site recently.
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Proof readers are depleted at the ABC due to budget cuts.

An endemic problem with our media. Its much worse than just grammar. I've lodged complaints on article content with both ABC and SBS

ABC - not received a response.

SBS - got feedback "sorry we copy and pasted from AAP and didn't have time to fact check, have deleted the article now".

There are not enough hours in the day to lodge complaints about the garbage distributed by 7, 9, 10
I tried to find that thread as I felt sure I had seen it at some time in the past. No luck, unfortunately, so here it is.

Overuse of 'that' has occurred for some time. It has become a written filler word, almost as bad as the spoken 'like', and many people have a word blindness for it.

In terms of moving this thread to the grammar section then I would agree with this going forward ;) (see what I did there?)
Oh it is vital language changes over time but Elizabethan equivalents of 'going forward' and 'moving forward' would have sent Shakespeare to an early grave. They would have created a nascent paradigm, placing literature on the backburner instead of the leveraged, holistic synergies of today's written art form.
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