VA at NTL - Terminal expansion - any plans to increase services?

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May 6, 2012
Just wondering if increased VA traffic and expanded routes at NTL are likely in the wake of the terminal expansion?

Jetstar seems to have things all their own way at NTL and as a VA FF it's sometimes actually hard to justify flying VA.

Domestic services really don't suit business travel and while I understand that the RAF base and curfew plays a role, there could at least be flights to compete with Jetstar? What really shocks me is the lack of synergy with international connections.

I've had VA status of Platinum or Gold since 2011 and I travel LH international 3 times per year. While I'd never expect AUH or LAX bound flights to exit NTL, I am shocked that the scheduling from NTL to BNE and MEL don't line up for connections to departing international flights from these airports.

I understand that many Hunter flyers would take the train to Sydney and fly from there, but with Newcastle CBD line now cut, there may be more of a demand for flights via other major airports.

In mid-Dec I decided to try the route to Europe, flying via NTL-MEL-AUH. The 7 hour layover in MEL was a bit of a drag and I couldn't see myself doing that too often, but if the layover was shorter, just for convenience I know I would book that every time over a 3-4 hour trek to SYD via train.

Similarly, I'm flying to LAX in March and ideally I'd fly NTL-BNE-LAX, but the BNE flight leaves just an hour after the NTL-BNE flight arrives, which I suspect is cutting things a little too fine for an international connections and the VA website doesn't show that as connection when you try to book.

So I guess what I'm asking VFF and the forum in general, is whether upgraded NTL looks likely for a stronger VA presence?
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