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Using Lounge PC's

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Apr 26, 2003
Here's a tip for the unwary...

I was browsing through the sites that other users had been to (as one does) while waiting for my delayed flight out of ORD. I found one that I thought looked interesting and it happened to be the personal Outlook Express email account for some Sales turkey with a big name Insurance Account out of the UK. :shock:
Now I figure his company has set him up to be able to logon anywhere without carrying a laptop with him. I took a note of the URL and tried it from my own laptop but it came up with the system asking for a username and password but my own experience with this windows "security" :? system is that once you logon you don't have to do it again while the browser is still going. In this case, when I accessed the lounge PC, Internet Explorer wasn't running & I had to click on the icon but it must have been still running in the background for this to have occurred.
So what did I do?
I accessed his Appointment section, set the alarm, blocked out a two day appointment and wrote him a detailed note telling him that his company has compromised his personal & confidential files by not taking this type of event into account. I also said I'd try to bury his URL as deep into the PC memory as possible (because the PC security wouldn't let me delete it).
Now the company I work for does a similar thing but I need to have a VPN loaded onto the PC and it is such a fickle process that you can only run it on a personal laptop.
All I can say is "BE AWARE"


Jan 2, 2003
I agree, Redrat.

Check my other post in the hotels section, re: people leaving .doc and other files on the PC in the C: drives of various hotel computers (within rooms AND the business centres).

I've turned up confidential memos and even a contract between two WA mining corporations that were inadvertently LEFT on hotel computers. :oops:

Now, fortunately, I'm not the kind of person to go and use that information in the wrong way. I don't care about it. But I do think that it's absolutely sloppy.

You done good mate :) I think the said executive should buy you a drink.


Veteran Member
Nov 16, 2004
Lounge PC's

I use a web based email service connecting to the company's outlook/exchange server. This can be used from any internet PC and I frequently use it in QP.

(Aren't the new LCD ones in OZ good :D & there many more than there used to be :D )

The caveat is that to have access I had to agree that when finished a session I must: 1) "Log off" & 2) Close the Browser Window. This eliminates most security risks.

To make sure, I also 'log off user' on the PC. In QP this actually reinitialises the computer; overwriting all changes since the last (including any document files etc).
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