Use of the $450 Qantas Ultimate Credit - Newbie


Dec 12, 2010
Looking at maybe transferring my DJ’s Amex into a Qantas Ultimate Amex as we all know the DJ’s card is coming to an end soon.

Called Amex today and see what could be offered and the Ultimate card was an option. Always eyed off this card and now very tempted.

So I thought I’d do some dummy bookings with the Amex Travel site and see what I could get with the $450 Qantas flight credit.

Can someone explain to me why is it when I try and book a return domestic it only gives me the more expensive Economy Flex option and not the cheaper Red E Deal? A simple return ADL - MEL for 2 was at an eye watering $2100 😢

But if I try and book a one way flight, it spits out the Red E Deal fares along with the choice of Economy Flex.

Trying to understand the booking system before I dive in the deep end.

What I am I doing wrong here?
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Further update. Managed to get it working. Appears the travel website has had some IT issues.

Admin can delete thread if you like.

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