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Jun 4, 2016
Thought I would start this thread so the member chit chat does not become clogged.

We are certainly off to a fizzer with the Iowa caucus. I am a Pete Buttigeg fan but suspect when it is all said and done Michael Bloomberg will emerge as the Democratic candidate. As for the eventual winner too early to call but the Democrats need a lot higher turnout than Iowa to get their candidate over the line.
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Democratic Party House Speaker Party Nancy Pelosi - what a class act :(

‘Disgusting’: Nancy Pelosi criticised for tearing up Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech

Probably paywalled, so (and check out the last line)

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has drawn criticism for tearing up Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, an action which “disgusted and insulted” a former House Speaker.

As the US President concluded his State of the Union speech, Ms Pelosi ripped the copy of the address that Mr Trump handed her at the beginning.

She set the scraps on the desk, not bothering to hide her disdain for the president’s presentation in front of the cameras.

Asked afterwards by a reporter to give a reason for her gesture, Ms Pelosi replied: “Because it was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternatives.”

And in a follow-up tweet, the 79-year-old said Democrats would “never stop extending the hand of friendship to get the job done.”

When the Democrats position themselves on the high moral ground you have to wonder whose advice Pelosi is taking, if anyone's.
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Started with a snub. But who had the last laugh? 😀
Won’t know until the 2nd Tuesday in November.... but the polls look good :p
Now that we're talking US politics, look at Trump, and most of the Democrats front runners, I find it interesting their generation of politicians is what we had in 90s/00s - all Keating /Howard/Kennett/Bob Carr age group (or in US terms Bill Clinton/George W Bush), apart from the Obama aberration, there seems to be a reluctance to pass the baton on to anyone born much later than the 1940's. A bit like John Howard starting his prime ministership only 8-10 year ago, not 24 years ago! Pete Buttigieg is obviously much younger, but don't think he's going to get through ...
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