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Travelodge points

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Apr 15, 2005
Hi all,

Has anyone had experience in receiving Velocity points from their stays at a Travelodge hotel? I had 2 stays back in november last year, and, despite the Velocity people saying they're following it up, the points havent arrived yet.

Just wondering if its normal for the points to take forever to post, or if they normally go straight through. Any suggestions on making it more streamlined for future stays? At check in they entered my Velocity number into the computer so that should be all thats necessary right?

Thanks for your tips,



Jan 19, 2006
I have had to chase up nearly all partner stays.
Europcar is the only exception as they seem to process points quickly and even accurately (bonus points etc).

Other partners, especially hotels etc...........I have had to chase up every single one of those.
Either points are not properly credited...such as no bonus points added or 1 point per $ when it should be 3.
Some dont even get done at all.

So I am guessing theirs some sort of systemic failure that keeps leaving me chasing these points.

It's a bit annoying when they lure your business on the pretence of providing points or bonuses and then you spend the next 6 weeks sending endless faxes and emails to finally get the points right.

While I like the Velocity program, I usualy find I dont have these problems with Qantas Freq Flyer program.



AFF Supporter
Jun 30, 2002
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jad01 said:
While I like the Velocity program, I usualy find I dont have these problems with Qantas Freq Flyer program.
Wish I could say that same, but I have pretty much given up on the hope of stays automatically credit to the QFF program. Outside the Hilton Double Dip which is reliable, I have only ever had one stay from a hotel post automatically to QFF.


Nov 16, 2004
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In regard to stays eligible for QFF points, in 10 years of sampling; I find the rate of automatic posting of hotel stay points, (with the exception of HHonors) to be about 30%. For HHonors I have had 30 eligible stays and ONLY ONE did not post without intervention by myself. :D
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