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Tokyo (HND & NRT) Stopover Tips

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Mar 25, 2010
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This thread is a place to share tips and recommendations for stopovers at Haneda Airport (HND) and Narita Airport (NRT) in Tokyo, Japan. You can discuss things like:
  • How to get from the airport to the city
  • How to transfer between Narita and Haneda airports
  • Things to do in Tokyo
  • Where to stay/hotel recommendations (both near the airport and in the city)
  • Your favourite HND & NRT airport lounges
  • Airport facilities such as luggage storage and showers
  • Any other destination-specific tips or "hidden gems" you've discovered that could be useful for someone stopping over

Do you have a great tip that other travellers might find useful when stopping over in Tokyo? Add your suggestions to this thread, and your advice could make it into an AFF Stopover Guide article!


AFF Supporter
Jul 4, 2002
If transitting HND overnight then A good idea is to stay at the Royal Park hotel in the International terminal.Dinner just wander over to the terminal which has a very good range of restaurants.
The JAL Flounge at HND is very good.


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Nov 12, 2012
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If transitting HND overnight then A good idea is to stay at the Royal Park hotel in the International terminal.
Agree with this, however when I stayed there last year, they would not let me check in until 2pm, or whenever the official check-in time was. Would not look for an available room, just very politely told me that check-in time was 2pm (or whenever).

Things to do in Tokyo:

* Walk around the Imperial Palace gardens, very close to Tokyo Station, then walk up to the Diet building

* Wander around Tokyo Station during rush hour(s), wondering how the hell you get out, or over to the other side (there is a tunnel through the middle - you just have to find it)

* Shop in Ginza, also very close to Tokyo Station; wander the food halls at basement level of the major department stores

* Have a drink or two in any of the 'tiny bars' Tokyo's best tiny bars

* Ride the subways and trains and marvel at their precision and efficiency

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