The Ultimate DYKWIA Guide to QF First Class Seating

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Apr 22, 2010
The Ultimate DYKWIA Guide to QF First Class Seating

Thanks to QF reserving the entire F Cabin for yours truly, I have taken one for the AFF team and made a thorough assessment of all the seats in the F cabin. Naturally the crew assisted by jumping up and down on the bunks to thoroughly test them out (oh hang on.... That was a different party sorry).

So....which seat to choose?

The AISLES.....

I've always been in the camp supporting A seats as there are only 5 seats using this aisle. By comparison the F & K seats share 1 aisle for 10 pax.

That said - Tony Hancock is a strong supporter of the K seats as "when the centre F privacy screen is down the K seats can turn around and see right into the A suites".

Given the offset arrangement of the suites in First Class, this is technically true but once that privacy screen goes up no-one looks into the A suites.

F is right in the centre of the cabin and totally open and exposed at take-off and landing. IMO these are the least desirable seats.

Whilst there is no "bad First Class seat", and the worst F seat is still better than the best Y seat.... Some are even better than others......

According to the soon-to-be-published-DYKWIA-Operating-Manual..... These are the noteworthy seats:

1A - there's something particularly DYKWIA about having a BP with 1A printed on it. But - I do find that there can be some limited noise from the lavatory and the coat cupboard right in front of you does get accessed a bit. Also I did notice out of the corner of my eye every time someone came back from the bathroom from 2A, 3A, 4A & 5A. I feel you are a little "on display".

5A - use to be my favourite seat as it is the most private in the whole cabin and has the extra shelf where the bassinet is. Some peeps find noise from the galley, the cupboard next to you, and (I have found) noise from Y (since the reconfig).
Very private though. For a day flight - it's a strong contender.

4A - you only have 5A going passed you to the lavatory and as Tony Hancock has alerted us - you have an extra window in row 4.
Solid choice.

3A - probably the best all-round choice (toss up with 4A) IMHO.

2F - under the stairs, some report feeling claustrophobic, crew report noise issues from the stairs.
That's a NO.

1K - same issues as 1A

4K - same benefits as 4A

5K - same issues as 5A, however the crew alerted me to the fact that the crew jump seat backs onto 5K and some crews have been known to forget to use their little voices.

So in summary - if you're lucky enough to get to sit in First Class and pick your seat - please pick a "K" seat if you're on my flight - otherwise I recommend an "A" seat with 3A/4A being my future personal selections.

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Nov 2, 2013
Good work mate. Must have been a tough job being the assessor ;)


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Aug 2, 2006
Brings back fond memories. Alas opportunities now reduced with no PER-SIN and SIN-LHR flights.
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