Sydney in a day.

Discussion in 'Trip Reports and Trip Photos' started by munitalP, May 4, 2007.

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  1. munitalP

    munitalP Suspended

    Oct 10, 2006
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    My preparations for a day trip to Sydney started the night before with an interstate buddy and myself competing in the Heineken, Carlsberg and Wild Turkey “who can get drunk first while watching AFL re-runs” competition – I think bed beckoned sometime around 11pm.

    The lovely Samsung “good morning” tune woke me at the ungodly hour of 4:00am. I got up quietly, let the dog out, let the dog back in, stood on the dog, walked into the wall, stood on the dog again and finally fell into the ensuite for a desperately needed shower, berocca, teeth clean and mouthwash (ick!) and not necessarily in that order. I seriously contemplated wearing my Oakley’s in the shower – the light made me feel like I was being interrogated by the Gestapo!

    My driver picked me up at 4:30 and I wandered out into the chill of the morning. I thought I heard my wife say something like – “serves you right you drunken bum” but dismissed that as my wife would never say anything like that…

    I walked into the normal early morning chaos (5:20am) and directly to the X Ray and bomb Nazis where I took the left metal detector with no problems. I was almost amused when having thought I had a clean break through, a bomb Nazi singled me out and gave me the standard greeting. I think any readers of my posts will realize I have no time at all for these clowns – their apparent random selections (BS if you ask me – they choose what looks like easy targets – when was the last time you saw a 6’6” bloke being scanned?) seems to get me all the time. Anyway, much to their surprise I am sure, my leather wheelie laptop bag didn’t contain a small thermo nuclear device or even any TNT for that matter and I was released again to go on my way.

    Up to the Qantas Club I went and was the only one in line with two bored looking ladies behind the counter. After good mornings were exchanged, I upgraded myself (8000 points:( ) to business for the short haul to Sydney QF400. Breakfast of bacon on an English muffin with hollandaise sauce on the top, cherry tomatoes and an egg about 10 seconds past runny. Orange juice, coffee and toast with jam. There was also yogurt, however, with a belly full of the previous evenings re-hydration attempts, I decided against the yogurt.

    The 767 managed to make it all the way to Sydney without finding any potholes in the sky and landed on time at gate 11.

    My driver was waiting in the designated pickup area and we entered the traffic amidst the normal Sydney peak hour traffic for a trip to the other side of the city.

    Meetings and lunch completed, I hailed a cab and was whisked back to the airport. Traffic was heavy over the water as the underwater road was closed and all traffic had to cross the bridge.

    The center X ray was my chosen path and I shot through only to be dismayed at hearing the beep. Darn – what was it? I frantically checked my pockets looking for anything that might set it off and found nothing. Remembering Mrs! experience with her Tag Heuer watch, mine quickly left my wrist to no avail – still the darn thing beeped.

    I know there is a conspiracy against me by X Ray Nazis world wide.

    After removing my belt, wallet, coins from my pocked I finally removed my RM’s. Being naked except for jeans and a shirt (socks and undies) I finally got no beep. Being Pee’d to no end, after my AK47’s disguised as RM Williams boots (and before too many comments, these are nail free boots with rubber soles) were X Rayed, there was no one behind me and I asked to pass them through again. When not wearing them there was no beep! I bit my tongue and walked away.

    Up to the Qantas club for my flight home on QF457 (an out of order flight) to be assigned seat 1A. I asked for a seat anywhere except row 1 however was told business was full – sorry Mr! Oh well, it’s only an hours flight and the TV is closer… (I can’t stretch my legs in 1A or 1B due to the closeness of the bulkhead -767).

    Taxied out into the ocean and took off close to on time.

    An afternoon snack of cheese and crackers – wine was offered but I’m sure the wine would have had lumps in it so I settled for water. The flight was smooth until about the Mt Buffalo area where the weather front covering most of Victoria started. Quite a number of potholes in the sky as well as a slowdown by ATC given to us.

    We finally swept in over Port Phillip Bay then Altona and came to rest in front of the terminal a bit behind time. All in all, a pleasent flight and good service.

    First off the plane, into the car and home.


  2. Kiwi Flyer

    Kiwi Flyer Senior Member

    Sep 24, 2004
    The explosives check isn't random. It is supposed to be continuous screening, meaning they pick the first person once they're ready to do someone. The trick is to make sure you don't pass by just when they've finished up with someone.

    I fumble putting my things back in pockets etc if needed, or alternatively race through with a practiced swoop to collect bag and any loose items. Almost every time this trick works. When it doesn't is if only pax transferring int->int - no choice but to get the "random" check then.
  3. oz_mark

    oz_mark Enthusiast

    Jun 30, 2002
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    From my observation it does not work this way in practise. I often see them standing letting numerous people past before picking someone.
  4. Ric

    Ric Active Member

    Nov 29, 2004
    SYD, MNL, BKI,
    I would love to be with you when you ever go through security check at Manila Airport!! Would be a blast to see you tackle those Filipinos Gestapo! Might have to get an Australian Embassy official with us......just in case!!:D
  5. SeaWolf

    SeaWolf Active Member

    Jan 24, 2007
    A while back I basically went straight from a nightclub to the plane at 0700 on a DJ flight MEL-PER figuring "I'll sleep on the flight". No such luck, someone up there obviously thought I'd had a bit too much fun that weekend and I was two rows in front of a very tipsy British backpacker. She spent the whole flight giggling and squealing. All the damn way to Perth.

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