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SYD Intl, QP and eBay

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Harriet Vane

Jul 26, 2007
So, now two months out from our trip, I'm wondering what we're going to do to amuse ourselves in Sydney for three hours. Hopefully all the check-in stuff will happen in CBR, so we can just dump our luggage at the transfer desk and hop on the shuttle to the international terminal at SYD. I will be getting a QP membership through work next year, so I don't want to buy membership for this one trip. Some questions:

Is there much to do in the international terminal at SYD? We've only just moved south, so I've not flown out of there internationally yet.

Can you legitimately acquire QP passes on eBay? I've seen some going in UK auctions, but I'm not sure if they're legitimate.

Is there adequate seating around the departure gates? I can't be standing up for long periods of time without the newly-healed-but-still-swollen foot giving me grief, so I'd appreciate knowing if we have to stake out a cafe or something for the time.

Is there a DJ lounge there and, if so, is it any good? I know that you can buy passes for that at a more reasonable one-off rate.

Thanks for your answers in advance!


Dec 25, 2004
My Map
No DJ lounge at the International airport.

I don't believe any of the lounges there allow a 'single pass' type purchase, except the Qantas Club via the many single pass entry coupons that are around.

I think your best bet is one of the following options:
- Find a 'friend' (or friends) here who wishes to guest you+partner+any other companions into the Qantas lounge.
- Find someone who wants to sell/trade/swap Qantas lounge entry passes (Note that the latest ones as of about a year ago are not allowed to be sold).
- Sign up for the Qantas Amex that includes 2 free QP entry passes when you make your first Qantas purchase.

I would try and stay away from the Ebay ones. There has been a lot of discussion about them at various forums, and their authenticity is yet to be proven. I've also heard that Qantas has been able to stop the listing of QP passes on ebay.com.au in recent times as well.

Departure lounges tend to be ok seating wise, as long as you're there early. Get there towards your flight's departure time and you'll normally have to sit at an adjoining gate's lounge.
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