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Nov 11, 2010
:) Since 2004 have achieved 2 First Class and 2 J Class RTW trips using award points accumulated out of flights, credit card purchases and credit card promotions, e.g. Woolworths Everyday rewards and bonus points when signing up to new credit cards. Brief descriptions of the RTW trips utilising most of the 35,000 miles and 5 stop overs (Stopovers of less than 24 hours do not count as one of the 5 stops)
2004 - Adelaide/Sydney/LAX/Mexico City/Acapulco/Mexico City/Miami/London/Cairo/London/Tokyo/Sydney/Adelaide FIRST Class, then 600,000 FF points for two people (Acapulco/Mexico City component was separate Y fare self funded)
2009 - Adelaide/Sydney/Beunos Airies/Santiago/Lima/Cusco/Lima/Miami/Chicago/New Delhi/Hong Kong/Bangkok/Sydney/Adelaide. FIRST Class, 844,000 FF points for two people (Santiago/Lima/Cusco/Lima was separate Y fare self funded)
2012 - Business Class - 560,000 ff points Adelaide/Sydney/LAX/NedeYork/Miami/NewYork/Boston/Madrid/Istanbul/Budapest/Vienna/Madrid/Moscow/London/Paris/London/Singapore/SydneyAdelaide.
2014 - Business Class - 560,000 ff points - Adelaide/Sydney/Johannesburg/Victoria Falls/Johannesburg/London/Gatwick/Dubrovnik/Helsinki/London/Miami/LAX/Brisbane/Adelaide.
The last RTW was the most difficult to achieve. Needed to begin the booking about 350 days out. Only able to book to Dubrovnik at first attempt because Award Bookings for further travel had not been released at that stage. About 2 weeks later, phoned again and was able to get to Miami and another couple of weeks later from LAX to Adelaide (we cruised the Panama Canal from Tampa to Los Angeles) Each break in the journey is treated as an amendment to the itinerary incurring 5,000 points penalty. Taxes were $5 to $6K and altered each time there was an amendment to the itinerary. To book and pay for this itinerary would have cost over $30,000 for two people. Late at night is a good time to make the phone calls.
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