QF WP’s First Test Trip Report - Ashes v England, 8-10 Dec 2021

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Jun 20, 2002
As usual, I down tools to attend the Test in Brisbane - as I have done for the last 30+ years. Times are tough financially plus no guests for first 2 days

Always enjoyable to spend time in the Cricketers Club, have silver service lunches and beers/wine flowing. There has been a group of us going to the match together for over 30 years - used to be my Dad and Uncle, but they are getting long in the tooth to be drinking all day, given their age :eek: ;)

I will give live updates, photos and general commentary over the first three days, alas being a father and husband has again curtailed my full attendance.
Nice to see a new baggy green in the action too.

Perhaps @QF WP is waiting to give us hourly live updates ;) or is still going through the ground entry procedures. How was the process for ground entry?
About as good a start for Australia as you could want.
Issues with getting reception at the QCC. 4G and 1 bar. Will start posting photos now

Was still on the way to the ground when first wicket fell. The BCC bus erupted like the Stadium


Yes, I’d better order some Penfolds 👍
Hazelwood certainly has impressive figures at lunch.
O -7 M-4 R-3 W-2
Issues with getting reception at the QCC. 4G and 1 bar. Will start posting photos now
Ahh, there's your problem. With all those double-dipped patrons at the event, the 4G signal is being swamped by the enhanced 5G capability :eek:.

England has a Michelle scorecard in the first over post lunch,

By the way, lunch looked great. How was The Factor?
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I think the Aussie Quicks may have an eye on the radar:


Gabba appears clear at the moment, but there is wet stuff around the region.
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