Qantas Wine latest offering

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Senior Member
Sep 18, 2008
Use the WHEELSJOIN rather than the FREEJOIN code. I joined today using FREEJOIN and was about to check out with one of the $215 cases of Voyager Estate Sauvignon Blanc when I noticed it was only giving me 1 point per $. I joined under my wife's QFF account using WHEELSJOIN and the same case was earning 3 points per dollar. I went back to my account and used the WHEELSJOIN code and it then changed to 3 points per $ giving 648 base points instead of 215.

Does anybody know if this offer is still applicable?:

  • More points and no delivery charges . Earn three Qantas Points per dollar spent^ on wine and event ticket purchases made using a credit card, plus enjoy no delivery charges within Australia. Plus earn a bonus 2,000 points when you purchase your first 12 bottles of wine and a bonus 8,000 points when you purchase your first 48 bottles of wine within your first 12 months of membership*. The benefits dont end there Until 12 August 2013 Qantas epiQure members can earn four points per dollar spent~ at participating Qantas Frequent Flyer partner restaurants thats one more point per dollar spent than what you would earn as a Qantas Frequent Flyer alone.

If it is, I should be getting 5648 points on this purchase - not too shabby.

Hmm normally it's been 3 points per $1 but a purchase a family member of mine made yesterday was only 1point per $1 :( :( :(

Hmmmmmm annoying, I'll send them an email!


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Sep 30, 2006
Very motivated for points at the moment as want a FASA next May... so Mrs Paddy helped up by joining, buying 1 doz St Hallet and getting ready for another 3 dozen :)


Jan 7, 2011