Qantas faces "hits" on YouTube

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Feb 13, 2005
Qantas faces hits on YouTube | The Australian

"A MAJOR airline union will launch a global campaign on YouTube aimed at enlisting customer support against Qantas moves to slash the base pay of new customer service staff by more than $3000.

The Australian Services Union is using the popular internet site to encourage passengers to complain to Qantas about service standards.

The union hopes the YouTube clip will boost support for a campaign in which union officials have distributed postcards to passengers at airports saying: "What's next, Geoff, working for tips?"

It says that the campaign has resulted in hundreds of protest emails and more than 1000 signed postcards from disgruntled passengers to Qantas chief executive Geoff Dixon.

ASU assistant national secretary Linda White said the airline was attempting to cut the base pay of newly employed check-in staff from $34,716 to $31,386 by classifying them at a lower level.

She said airport workers were also angry that the airline was cutting staff and refusing to negotiate a new enterprise bargaining agreement.

Ms White said the airline had argued that the introduction of self-service kiosks for passengers meant that new staff required fewer skills and were performing a different job, therefore they should be reclassified at a lower pay rate."
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