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Answered Qantas Business upgrade glitch?


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May 18, 2016
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Hi AFF'ers,

Myself and 3 family members are flying from Perth - Bris - LAX - JFK next month and I only purchased the cheap seats. Im silver status and to surprise Mum I put in for a business upgrade Perth - Bris and on the return trip Melb - Perth.

Just logged into my QF account to check points and see if a couple seats on the Bris - LAX route had opened up. My points balance hasn't changed but I was able to select 4 seats in business from Perth - Bris. Has something changed with the upgrade procedure as last time I did this I didn't get confirmation of the upgrade until I was within 24hours of the flight time.

The Melb - Perth leg still shows my selected seats in economy.

Really hoping its legit and not a glitch on the QF page.

Anyone else had something similar happen and kept the seats?



Edit: I've checked Expertflyer and now shows those 4 seats as occupied.


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