Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted


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Mar 6, 2006
My expectation is that there will be a question on the form to enter SA, 'have you returned from overseas in last 14 days' and that will invoke the Quarantine if flying in from Sydney. Because keeping SA people 'safe' even once vaccinated 🤮 is their priority.

Even still, if you have the means, better for 2 weeks of freedom in NSW before returning than being locked up in your house (noting SA is not doing 7 days either)
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Sep 20, 2020
I am too cynical on how unvaccinated/non TGA recognized vaccinated people will fit into the picture from Nov 1 so went ahead and booked my fiancé on the Scoot flight on 25th October into Sydney.

They claim they only got permission to sell additional seats from the government yesterday and that is why bookings opened up. So they assure me passengers will not be bumped off flights at the gate if they have a booking. (We picked up the last available seat left).


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Apr 6, 2018
View attachment 262218 from The Guardian - the scripts just write themselves !😂
5A6DC565-1094-45EE-BA89-A908FB6DAC6E.jpeg Try as I might I can’t find much about AP response to the announcement yesterday and what it meant for Qlders stranded overseas/family reunions ….actionable information did not appear to come from this pop up clinic today …🤔except maybe vigorous debate about the correct order ????bread-sauce-sausage-onion..

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