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Oh dear : We are excited to release the new app Dashboard


Established Member
May 15, 2004
Anyone having probelms with iphone app access?

When I opened the Qantas app this evening on my iphone I received a welcome popup touting the new dashboard that has come in the app update.

Just like many app updates I had to go sign in,

Step 1. just follow the prompts, opens a browser, name, number, pin, SMS.

....Hmm, the two factor ID failed as I apparently entered three times incorrectly. hmmp I DID NOT!

Step 2. Your account is locked go to Reset PIN process

Step 3. Did the PIN reset multiple times by each method,
  • first pass: SMS,
  • second pass : email
  • third pass: Answer Questions.

Each time, good.

Now go to Step 1 again

Desktop login working fine to reset pin, which then didn't work on the iphone

Well the help and chat are closed after 7pm. I guess someone somewhere will fix something.



Nov 12, 2012
My Map
Got the 'refreshed dashboard' message, but then (amazingly!) got straight in (on iPhone).

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?

Add: Damned if can see any difference!