October 2022

DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
Saturday 1
Sunday 2
Monday 3
Tuesday 4
Wednesday 5
Thursday 6
Friday 7
Saturday 8
Sunday 9
Monday 10
Tuesday 11
Wednesday 12
Thursday 13
MattgQF479SYDQantas Club16301
Friday 14
Michael SmithQF7SYDQF1340-1
Saturday 15
MattgNZ550CHCKoru lounge12301
Sunday 16
Monday 17
MattgQF146AKLQF J lounge14301
MattgQF485SYDQF J (domestic)19301
Tuesday 18
Wednesday 19
Thursday 20
Friday 21
samh004QF2421BNEQF J09002
Michael SmithQF4398LGAQantas/AA1400-1
MattgVA1593MELVA lounge11301
straitmanVA1593MELVA lounge11000
Saturday 22
Sunday 23
samh004QF1946NTLNo lounge2050
kangarooflyer88QF2380BNEQF Club15151
Muppet501stQR899BNE IntAir NZ?19002
Monday 24
Muppet501stQR17DOHAl Safwan07002
Tuesday 25
Wednesday 26
Thursday 27
Muppet501stBA560LHR T5BA11002
Friday 28
Saturday 29
MattgQF1952ADLQF Club08301
kangarooflyer88JQ912SYD T2REX05301
Sunday 30
Monday 31
kangarooflyer88JQ913TSVQF Club07451
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The monthly lounge meet up threads no longer have a wiki. That means that you will need to post your own flights in the correct month and wait for the first post of the thread to be periodically updated with new information. If you need already entered information changed, please tag @support to alert them in thread for a speedier response time. Threads are usually updated within a week.

The more information you can fill in, the better. Use of a table in your post is not required, but if you could provide the information in the following sequence it will speed up the process of transcribing your post to the table in the first post of each thread.

DateRequired field. A date is required to add your details to the correct spot. If your flight is shortly after midnight, consider the date you will arrive at the airport or explain this in "Comments". For instance, you could choose the date prior to your flight and explain this as "lounge arrival time" or the date of your flight and explain this as "flight time". Other members will then decipher when you will be at the airport. Also note that if your flights straddle the end and start of 2 months you will need to post in the appropriate threads.
Flight #If you do not wish to detail the actual flight number, consider providing the airline to help other users determine what lounge you may or may not be entitled to.
Departure AirportRequired field (IATA 3-digit preferred if you are confident you know the code).
LoungeThe lounge you will be in, would like to be in, or 'any' if you are not fussed. You may also leave this blank.
TimeWhen you are likely to get to the lounge. If you list the flight time, note that in the comments to avoid misconnects.
Guest/sHow many you can guest. Use a minus sign (-) if you would like to be guested, and how many. If you are able to enter a lounge but can't guest anyone else, use zero (0).
CommentsIf you have extra information that does not fit in the fields listed above, use this field. Extended comments may be truncated as they tend to squeeze the table.

A final note that posting new threads to this forum is not possible. You can reply to threads with your details, with threads provided into the future. If you need a new thread started for a date that is not yet listed, please get in contact with @support.
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DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
14 OctQF7SYDQantas13H40-1Flight to Dallas
21 OctQF4398LGAQantas/AA14H00-1Flight to Dallas
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DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
3 OctUA 842SYDSQ/NZ08:301
3 OctUA 1029LAXUA - T707:001
3 OctUA 5155DENUA12:301
10 OctAS 521SLCDL12:300
10 OctAY 34SEABA16:001
12 OctAY 131HELAY22:00-11
12 OctBA 15SINQR/QF/BA18:301
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after the gather
DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
21 Oct 22QF1596MELJ0530+2Preference given to NTL Gathering attendees
23 Oct 22QF1599NTL:(xx_-No lounge but we'll meet there after the gathering
DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
Fri 14QFSYDQF J Dom21002
Sun 16QFBNEQF J Dom10302
Sun 16QFSYDQF J Dom16002
Fri 21QFSYDQF J Dom21002
Sun 23QFBNEQF J Dom11302
Sun 23QFSYDQF J Dom16002
Fri 28QFSYDQF J Dom21002
Sun 30QFSYDQF J DOM15002
DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
Fri 21QFLAXQF J 18002Can guest into J, but would like to be guested into F....lol...Must be on Oneworld flight.
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DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
31 OctoberQF1SYDInternational Business Lounge2:00 PM1Can guest 1
31 OctoberQF1SYDFirst Lounge-1Would like to be guested by a generous AFF member
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DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
24th OctoberQR905MELF I think maybe J18:00I don't think I can guest into F but 1 into J
23rd October VA226ADLVirgin 13:15I think I can guest one maybe 2
DateFlight #DEP AirportLoungeTimeGuestsComments
29 OctoberQF600MELQF J Dom5:00 AM1

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