Nice beers i have had recently - Trappist, lagers, Ales et al.


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Apr 11, 2012
I've been thinking about this for some time, that the humble beer really does not get the mention wine does on this forum. A whole section dedicated to the "red & white" and the common man's drink is left well behind.

Then to add insult to injury, a new thread "Beer, cider and alcoholic beverages" appears to cover this humblest of drinks to be lumped with all the riff-raff of liqueurs. But I'm sure there are many here that have had that quiet sip without revealing to their "wine buff" friends they have tried the hopped liquid.

But to ignore the pleasures of a Trappist beer, or the new breed of Micro's should not be allowed to happen so I hope the moderators will move this post without dumping it into the "clearance shelves" of the wine forum. (and saying this with a cellar of 1600 bottles of wine behind me!!)

So to start, for those who do like a Trappist i came across this in the US. first I've ever come across this. chimay.jpg
Great idea.

I both brew my own (I recently won a medal in the WA State Amateur Championship) and enjoy sampling different styles and breweries.

I have been sampling some Dark Belgian Strongs as research for making my own version.

I haven't had Westvleteren 12 which is often named as the best beer in the world, but the St Bernardus Abt 12 is apparently made to the same recipe with the difference allegedly being St Barnardus uses the original yeast with Westvleteren changing the yeast used in the 90s . It was a great beer but will reserve judgement on "best in the world" until I have compared it to the Westvleteren.


Latest buy was this Red IIPA collaboration between Perth Home Brew Share and Mash. Highly recommended if you can find it. Lovely aroma and nice malty back bone that hides the 8% ABV very well.

One of "beer-life" moments was in Skellefteå in Northern Sweden. After a big day in court walked around in the snow -10C and came across a bar that served Chimay Blue on tap. Never ever seen this before so it was a very long night, as the bar staff were very generous in their servings.
Chimay on tap.jpg
But to ignore the pleasures of a Trappist beer, or the new breed of Micro's should not be allowed to happen so I hope the moderators will move this post without dumping it into the "clearance shelves" of the wine forum. (and saying this with a cellar of 1600 bottles of wine behind me!!)
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While this thread indeed has been moved and is now under the umbrella of a "Wine Lovers Forum" in contrast to the stated hopes quoted, it should be remembered this web site is primarily for frequent travellers.

We are sure the thread here will provide some ongoing and useful information.​
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I do hope i qualify for a Frequent Traveller, haven't seen home for 3 months!!!!! My beer posts will be those i try overseas which i note many of the wine buffs are not!

And the one below is another US beer tried yesterday in Reno. Many frequent travellers would have tried "Fat Tire", but this one from same brewers. First one i poured a large head and seemed to have lost the CO2, but the second i poured much slower. A long way from a Westmalle, and OK for a copy Trippel. Worth trying

Four weeks in Reno is enough for anybody, so this was very welcome heading out Friday. It was a balanced IPA for once with 5.9% alcohol. Surprizingly it was not over hopped like most new beers, but this one has been around for a while, so has preceded the over hopped IPA craze.

Polished two off before LAX.goose.jpg
During the long stay there, this became the standard "turn to" beer when nothing new was around. Actually prefer it from the tap, but bottle still not bad. Probably the most closest beer to a true Belgian witte i have tasted for a long time and is very drinkable. If you are into Witte and drinking things like Blue Moon, this one is certainly worth searching for, although becoming a bit more common on the West Coast.
My father once wisely said "there are no bad beers, just some are better than others", and this rang true with the Tsingtao i found in South Korea over the week. What a shocker and those that like a good wheat, this is not one of them. Soapy on the taste and was really hard to finish the can. As Dad would say, "a few beers than this. Steer clear travellers......

But this one was a very nice surprise, heading very closely to a stout. heavier that i thought it would be, thinking it close to black lager, but more like a very good porter. One to enjoy after a long flight. Picked up in Gwangju, Korea.

asahi black.jpg
Now sipping through Thailand and there seems to be a wave of new beers from the big breweries. will post them soon, but i came across this shocker, and they call it a beer! Not sure what they are trying to pretend with this one, is it a Lambic, is it true Red; none of these. All i can say its Red, yes red in colour, and the taste, there is none. I could be wrong, but suggest steer clear of this one.

From the same brewers as the woeful Black Dragon comes a far better better beer. Trying to follow a lot of trends with Whites, Wittes and Wheats, this one is not bad for a hot climate like Bangkok. A touch cloudy and more like a wheat beer from Germany has so good upfront taste to it. Worthwhile trying a can or three. (the come in 500ml cans and the alcohol content is nice for a few beers.)

Keeping up with the "animal series" Singha Brewery has brought out their own Weizen beer. Bit of a strange one, i feel a cross between a wheat and a lager in terms of flavour, but I'm not sure if they have got it right. Very dry on the ending but would appreciate another comment on their thoughts for this one.

IMG_2245.JPG IMG_2246.JPG
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Off the plane in LAX and tried this in the Admirals Club. Probably a bit jetlagged, but was better than the last time i tried it. Fresh and light but a bit lighter on taste than a Hoegaarden. i struggled to taste any of the citrus flavours. Worth finding in the lounge.

On a lazy Sunday in Reno trying this Uinta Baba Black lager. Very much like Toohey's Old in taste and finish, a pleasant beer to drink. Has a stout taste on the finish but certainly not as heavy. Interesting that its brewed in Utah, Salt Lake City.

This is one of my favourites from near where i work in Northern Greece. Made by the Macedonian Thrace Brewing company, its a simple Weiss beer typical of Germany, but with a touch more bitter taste. In English it translate to Vergina beer but worth searching for. Comes in the 500 ml bottle and easy to have a heavy night on.

In English it translate to Vergina beer but worth searching for. Comes in the 500 ml bottle and easy to have a heavy night on.
I've had that beer a few times when I've been in Greece. Not a bad beer but I prefer to drink Amstel.
After a very long, extended (5 times) trip at last home and going through all the work and photos. So back to the drink......

Final leg in Thailand, and of course the only way to drink Leo, the Thai way with plenty of ice. Not one of the worlds greatest beers on its own, but on a hot day, after work, Thai food, what else do you do. By itself a very plain SSL (stock standard lager)

On one of the US legs bought 1/2 dozen of these to try and i must admit very good. i was fearing it was going to be like a vanilla coke, but the vanilla was very subtle and originally a bit hard to taste. It reminded me to be a bit like a Tooheys Old first, but became quiet heavy during the drink.


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