My return flight TSV - BNE 20/06/14

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Jay Cee

Feb 21, 2014
I was impressed so I decided to post some stats.

E190 Flt. VA376
Capt. Gregory Burney
F.O Ken Winslow
Cabin Kayley, Jade & Kristy

Dist. 609nm
Time 1hr 19mins
F.L. 39000ft
Fuel flow 1900kg/hr. approx.
Wind 280deg./85knots
Ground Speed 505knots (tail wind 50knots
Airspeed 240knots/0.78mach
Outside temp. -54deg c
Skin temp. -27deg c
Take off. speed 141knots (Vr)
Landing speed 132knots
T.O. weight 42000kg
T.O. fuel 5200kg
est. fuel burn 2950kg
Landing weight 39000kg

I personally am a sucker for the Embraer 190, and would fly anywhere with her.

The flight crew and the cabin crew were exemplary in their performance, & the offerings, re: food & drink were good, for a 14:25-15:00 flight. I didn't eat though as I had something substantial before leaving the city for the airport. However, the pax on the other side of the aisle seemed to enjoy what he had.
Flight was full except for 4 seats in J which was in contrast to the flight to TSV (16/06/14) VA341 which was full bar 2 seats in J.

J seats in an E190 are similar to a B737 & very comfortable. :p

I was lucky in booking the flight 6 months in advance & managed to get 2A. :D:D

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