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More inane brand confusion: Velocity Wine Store


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May 24, 2015
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Just received an email promoting the "Velocity Wine Store". Another Laithwaites reskin site offering the same 2ppd earn rate as the existing Laithwaites Virgin Wines site...

The main point of difference I can see is that it's possible to redeem points for wine. But why they couldn't have just introduced this in to the existing Virgin Wines site I don't know! Well I guess the Virgin Wines name use by Laithwaites was probably granted by the Virgin parent org rather than the airline, but would have been nice if they had collaborated.

It seems to just add to the brand confusion, like having two separate mobile apps.


Jun 30, 2002
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Much of this confusion (with the apps, and the wine) stems from licensing issues around using the Virgin brand name.

Velocity have their hands tied a bit about what they can do.


Sep 2, 2015
Does anyone know if the current Amex Offer for Virgin Wines would work on this site?


Active Member
Feb 24, 2014
I must admit I thought it was abit strange as I thought initially it’s “competition“ with Virgin Wines. I’d recently noticed there were Velocity bonus offers for Laithwaite's wine too.
Virgin Wines in operated by “Wine People Pty Ltd”.
”Wine People Pty Ltd” is Laithwaite's.
I wouldn’t be overly surprised if this is Laithwaite's plans to transition from “Virgin Wines” to “Velocity Wine Store”. Though really it’s all “virtual branding” with multiple trading names with the same backend wholesaler.

In regards to the rewards program being called “Velocity” instead of “Virgin”. Yes I agree there is probably a license reason as part of why it was done. However, it’s no different to other airlines IE Cathay Pacific’s is called “Marco Polo” and with BA‘s Executive Club you have a currency called “Avios”. Seperate branding means that other companies are likely to use the scheme as their rewards program also, which is common as well. The Velocity earning partners are using Velocity as their/or one of their rewards programs without having to setup their own. The name “Velocity” is more loosely generic.

Regarding the seperate apps I do get it. One place for rewards, not per above it could be deemed the rewards program for other company’s and one place for flights. Though you have to remember Velocity is also a seperate entity, currently with different ownership. It’s possible Virgin my integrate it a bit better once they fully own it again.


Mar 5, 2010
This store looks to have better quality wines the the virgin wines store. However, I find these airline affiliated wine stores are generally overpriced for the quality on offer and that better deals can be had elsewhere. The points per $ ratio for redemptions on this site are not great. That being said I do use the qantas wines epiqure site but mainly because the sales are not bad value and I have no other use for the limited qantas points that I accumulate.