Meet A Moderator (QF WP), Perth, Mon 19th June 2023


Jun 20, 2002
Sorry I completely forgot to post that I’m coming over at short notice to see clients - been too busy getting ready for the 3 meetings.

Fly over tomorrow (Sunday 18th) and straight to see a client at 5:30pm - thankfully he’s got a good wine fridge and his wife is a chef. Sadly they have a cafe in Leederville West but it’s not open on Mondays. But something to remember for futures, plus happy to share the details in case any of you want to eat there.

Leaving on Tuesday afternoon, as need to get back for client meetings on Wednesday.

Anyone up for dinner on Monday night?

@cove @JohnM
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I'm available from 6:30 PM (assuming a CBDish location) and would be interested
I'm available from the same time. I'll be at DT Waterfront on Zoom call with client until then. Happy with somewhere CBD or closer - hardest thing is finding somewhere that's open.

I was meant to be on my way there now, but when I landed in SYD, VA had cancelled my SYD/PER flight so now re-routed via MEL. I'll get there eventually...
Sorry not for me. I am having fun with a foot issue - calcified ligaments - at the moment so I am sticking close to home.
Another PERfect day in paradise. Sadly no travel to Cottesloe beach today, suburban Subiaco instead then back to check out of Parmelia Hilton and transfer to DT Waterfront.

Happy to have somewhere local CBD/fringe - happy to walk given I’m missing walking my dog 🐕 - got to keep my daily exercise going
The Royal (Claisebrook) has hosted a few AFF gatherings. Happy to return as I haven’t been there as much as usual.
Sorry not for me. I am having fun with a foot issue - calcified ligaments - at the moment so I am sticking close to home.
A calcium build up on the ligaments in the foot possibly caused by riding my bike too much with a slight injury. Initially I thought it was plantar fasciitis. On an anti-inflammatory and had it taped up for a while but it seems to be slowly improving.
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Right the Royal it is - I’ll be there around 7pm. I’ll be the one with the bottle of wine as a door prize for @FishFood as I can’t drink it or or take it home (HLO was already tight). @cove Ive also sent you an SMS, hope you can make it

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Was great to catch up with @FishFood at The Royal East Perth.

Decided to get my step count up and walked there after work finished.


View from Wellington Square back to the CBD


Beautiful warming food on a chilly night. Gnocchi


Then @FishFood experienced a live case of a flight cancellation. Just before dinner arrived, I got my second cancellation of this trip. So immediately onto organising the change, at least the Virgin App gave me options but couldn’t process the option that I wanted. So had to ring the Plat line and got Phillipines and give the the new flight details. Got nowhere on the first call so HUACA. Second time for transferred through to Business Portal and after having to invoke the Supervisor card, finally got it sorted (30 mins in total between the 2 calls)
What you never want to see as a Traveller:


First time they've given me a reason, unlike on the outbound


The VA App gave options (recommended being direct) but I opted to get more SC’s and points out of them for the inconvenience.


But if only the App would process my requested change.



Seems that because I book through the Business Portal, I needed manual human intervention. So 2 phone calls and 30 mins later, I had my new flights booked. The Phillipine Call Centre was a challenge 🤷‍♂️