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Looking for a decent Travel agent for a RTW from Australia

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Feb 1, 2004
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Hello everyone

The dates have been set and a ticket is all that we need for a RTW trip next year in August.

Problem is, is that i have been to about 3 travel agents around the city here and all of them are ... hopeless.
2800-2900 per person in economy for a custom RTW trip, they won't even punch it inot their computer to give a definate price.

I know that prices cant be this high because they advertise in the windows 1899 for a RTW trip inclusive of taxes. (however only about 10 itineraries.)

The trip would be as follows.

Segment 1
Leaving August 20-30 from BNE - Brisbane.
Heading to either KTW Katowice or to KRK Krakow.

Segment 2
Leaving 16th or 17th of SEPTEMBER (MUST ARRIVE THE 18th for cruise departure) to Miami MIA.

Segment 3
Leaving on the 25th to ORD or another Chicago airport.

Segment 4
Leaving the 12th - 18th October.

This would be for 4 Adults.

The travel agent i booked basicly the same tirp with 3 years ago is no longer in the industry, (was the same except Orlando instead of miami), she was able to price the entire trip at 2020AUD with tax inclusive.

I'm not expecting that price again however 2800-2900 +tax seems rediculous considering its not peak season.

Now if anyone here knows a good travel agent in Brisbane, or the gold coast i'm welcome to suggestions.


Part 2,

I know many of you here have access to tools such as sabre etc, and that you might see fare codes or offers that i would not be able to see.

Would any of you be able to share with me some prices of RTW tickets that would allow this kind of trip?

Thanks to all
- David.

--This is it sumarised--
August 25 BNE - KTW/KRK
September 25th MIA-ORD
August 15th ORD-BNE


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Jul 6, 2004
Here's something that might do the job for you at a cost of AUD 2279 + taxes:

http://www3.travel.com.au/everest/index.cgi?pVw9RT1iZWZmY29uZCZTVD1UVFMmQUdOPVRUUyZTSVRFQ09ERT1UVFMmU0lURVJFR0lPTj1HRU4mUEFSVE5FUklEPVJUVyZTPVFRMVAzOUpJSkJQOCZNPTMwJkZhcmVfU2hlZXQ9UlRXQU4vTElURSZVbmlxdWVfTm89OSZTRUxDT0RFPTEmVmlld1RoaW5nPVIg. (This link may not work in future, but just go to www.travel.com.au).

Possible routing might be: SYD-BKK-FRA-KTW-FRA-MIA-ORD-LAX-SYD, which should be within the posted rules for the fare.

By the way, I haven't used anything that isn't available to the general public to obtain this info.

Try www.travel.com.au and www.itn.net, for example. There are also many alternatives as the Qantas "mafia" would tell you. :)


Aug 27, 2004
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For departure after 19th August, you are in the low season for OneWorld Explorer and Global Explorer fares. These fares rose on October 10th and the list price for a 4-continent OneWorld Explorer is $2939 plus taxes. You could hit a lot more places than those requested to a maximum of 20 sectors on that fare.

Unfortunately I can't find a way to hit all your destinations inside 26,000 miles (about 600 miles over), so you would need the 29,000 mile fare which is the same price as the LONE4 fare.

So the only way to get it cheaper will be to use one of the specials that various combination airlines advertise from time to time.


Jun 20, 2002
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davem4, I have a good TA in BNE - Rachel from Flight Centre (Business Travel), Spring Hill - telephone 3832 6477.

Admittedly, I have always used my FT contacts and QF Res to get the construction of the sectors right...she then takes over the booking and gives me a discount (amounts depends on whether Dom or Intl) and tickets.
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