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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by vt, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. vt

    vt Member

    Mar 9, 2006
    First post...so be gentle.

    Currently QF Silver having been comped Gold last year and not flying much nowadays. Projected travel would not realy make much of a dint in the QF status front.

    I have geared all my point earnings to Qantas and as such have had many overseas trips curtesy of QFF. Just like my MEL-SYD-PVG-HKG-MEL trip in April.

    My wife and I are planning to give it all up for 2 years. So looking at 2 LONE5 trips beginning 1st March 2007.

    The first LONE5 trip will follow roughly MEL-SYD-JFK........South America then Europe then Asia then Australia.

    I would like to discuss if the AA Plat Challenge is the right choice given I will mainly fly QF when this is over, being based in Melbourne. I understand that if I work the trip right, I will be a candy stealer by the time I reach JFK and then requalify for plat for 2009 by the end of the trip.

    Also, South America to Europe is either AA from GIG/GUR via JFK to LHR or GIG/GUR direct to LHR. What would be the better option as I have to weigh up getting more miles or saving a segment.

    This wont be the last you hear from me.

  2. NM


    Aug 27, 2004
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    Yes, MEL-SYD-JFK will be enough to earn you AA Platinum so long as you book the AA flight number on the QF-operated flights. You will also earn about 20,000 AA Miles for you efforts, assuming you take AA7365 as a single segment SYD-JFK and hence earn 100% bonus miles for your Platinum qualifying flight.

    Then as an AA Platinum member, you can use those hard earned AA miles for things such as upgrades into First Class for AA domestic flights, or save them for awards on QF or other AA partners later. 20K points basically gets you a return trip anywhere in Australia/NZ region in economy, and no fuel fines to pay on top of the points.

    For GIG/LHR, the LONEx options will be AA via JFK or IB via MAD. With IB on L fare you only earn 30% miles and 15% EQP. So its probably better to go via JFK. And you may be able to upgrade one or more of the AA sectors using miles or see if you can find someone willing to part with some AA VIPOW upgrade certificates.

    [edited to add that Dave Noble is correct that BA do operate direct GIG-LHR. It not daily which is why I had not seen it. So WT+ is a good option if you are willing to spend the money, otherwise I would be taking AA via JFK]

    For travel around Europe, note that BA will only earn 25% miles and 25% EQP for L fares. So if possible, try to use AY (FinnAir), which will earn 100% miles and 50% EQP. You could also plan to use AY for travel between Europe and Asia. The next best choice is QF which earns 50% miles and 50% EQP. Avoid CX which earns nothing in the AA program.
  3. Dave Noble

    Dave Noble Senior Member

    Oct 10, 2005
    There are 2 options I would consider.

    My preferred option would be to travel in World Traveller Plus on BA on the direct service to LHR ( AUD600 supplement ). A lot more comfortable than economy , plus will earn full miles to AA plus 100% Candy Stealer status bonus plus 10% class of service bonus

    If you decide not to go for WT+, then I would go for AA via the USA; fly to JFK, spend the night in NY and then take the morning AA flight to London arriving nicely around 8pm

    Btw to ensure the best candy stealing (a) make sure that you are booked on the AA codeshare (AA7365) , since the QF107 flight number will only earn you 50% points/miles and (b) that you book it as the single sector SYD-JFK to ensure that you get the 100% bonus on all 9900 miles.

    As far as whether it is worth doing the CT challenge, that to me is a no brainer, definately worthwhile. Whether or not the trip on its own will requalify you for PLT status is hard to say without seeing the entire itinery and classes of travel.

  4. QF WP


    Jun 20, 2002
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    vt, welcome. Obvious you have done some reading/research prior to your first post. Good to see the first two posts are from two members that I have the highest respect for their extensive knowledge on xONEx's, as well as the one with the low down on the best way to squeeze the Candy Thief Challenge for the most benefit.

    What they said :wink: :D
  5. vt

    vt Member

    Mar 9, 2006
    NM, Dave, definitely will book as a single segment on AA7365. As the trip is over the full year, I need to save the segments as much as possible over the 5 continents.

    NM, I would need to read up on the AA program. I would not upgrade it the cost is $250USD plus points.

    NM, Dave, does it matter if I have been into North America and done my 6 segments and then do South America. Is the GIG-JFK-LHR still valid in this instance?

    NM, Dave, thank you very much for the WT+ suggestion, although it might be hard to justify as this flight will be roughly an additional 20% of the LONE5 cost.

    Reading the AA earning tables the priority of flight codes would be:
    AA in L class earning 100%miles and 1qpoints per mile earned
    AY in L class earning 100%miles and 0.5qpoints per mile earned
    QF in L class earning 50%miles and 1qpoints per mile earned
    BA in L class earning 25%miles and 1qpoints per mile earned

    Is this correct?

    So for the challenge we count Qpoints.
    For requalification, we count Qpoints OR Miles OR Segments.

    As an example, AY5905 HEL to LHR it 1149miles. On this flight we would earn 1149 MILES and 574 Qpoints and 1 segment. So the 1149 MILES goes towards the miles requalification, 574 Qpoint goes towards Qpoint requalification and the 1 segment goes towards the segment requalification. Is this correct?

    Dave, I will get a better idea if requalification is possible once I bed down the flights. But at 50k miles or Qpoints, this seems possible with correct flight selection. If not, perhaps mrs. Vt can do the challenge in Marach and I would do it in July. So at least 1 person has lounge accesss during the 2 years of travel.

    Thank you guys for your help.
  6. Dave Noble

    Dave Noble Senior Member

    Oct 10, 2005
    Domestic US upgrades can be good value; e.g. 15k points will upgrade HNL-ORD-JFK-MIA with no co pay for example; on international flights to/from ASIA or Europe will bring in co-pays

    It is ok. From the rules


    Personally I would reconsider; the WT+ upgrade is well worth while it on long flights imo and to do GIG-LHR in WT+ vs GIG-JFK-LHR, the 3,000 mile saving would send me WT+ :)

    btw, do remember to book and ticket through AA to save a few hundred dollars over QF

    This is correct. Do remember that BA works out at 0.25 qpoint per mile flown ( i.e 100% of the 25% earned ); a lot of people miss that


  7. vt

    vt Member

    Mar 9, 2006
    Edit about upgrades, found the answer.

    Will run that by SWMBO.


    Yep…I was very surprised at this.

    I will finalise the routing by next week and see what you guys think. In the mean time, thanks for all you help.

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