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Lie (almost) flat seats CX ex BNE

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Possible the wrong site to pose this question, but anyway.

Does anyone know if the CX J class seats out of BNE to HKG are the new J class flat seats?

Having been given aircraft type (330) and seat numbers, and having looked at the CX and seat sites, I am left with the impression that they are the 'old' J class seats.

Has anyone recently flown BNE-HKG CX J class recently, if so what type of seats were they?

I have scanned Skytrax and there are no BNE-HKG reports.

Having read the milage run treads, I still find travel a 'journey', and am (still) missing the old days of full service airlines, and particularly F class.

While the F class available is generally excellent service and everything the journey should be, and the old full service on every airline days - had a certain romance now gone.

I can remember my first flight, TWA SFO-JFK (NYC in those days!) connecting BOAC JFK-LHR, all in F class and just before my 4th birthday (in 1962).

Whilst I have wandered off track rather a lot, I've been lucky enough to haveI spent my travelling life up the comfortable end of the 'plane.

Anyone know the answer to my original question?



Aug 27, 2004
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CX fligthts from BNE, CNS and PER all use the 2-class A330 with their regional business class, not the new business class flat/sloping sleeper seats. Their MEL flights use 3-class A330 aircraft with the new seats.

One way to tell is to look if F class is sold on the flight. If it is, then its the 3-class A330 and hence has the new business class sleeper/slider seats.

If you want flat seats BNE-HKG you need to use QF on their A330, which all have Skybeds - just not daily flights. This is why I am heading to HKG next week via MEL.

A good resource for seat plans is
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