Jetstar vs Virgin (with 2-for-1, 10% code and 5% entertainment book offers)

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Feb 21, 2013
I have booked for four passengers (2 adults, 2 kids) to travel BNE-CNS-BNE on Jetstar happy hour sale tickets.

Cost (including two checked bags, basic seat selection, but no plus bundle) is ~$660. Have not yet BPAY'ed to confirm tickets.

Was wondering about the price differential for VA (using 2-for-1 CC offer for two passengers / 10% off code for the other two pax, as well as 5% entertainment book voucher for all), which would get me:
- Seat selection in rows 3 and 4.
- Onboard snack / drink and possibly free IFE.
- Lounge access (VA status, QFF nobodies).
- VA SC (120) and points (~5300 vff); as calculated below.

For my dates and preferred time of day, the more expensive two seats are pricing out at $515.50 via the booking portal (~$490 after voucher). Breakdown: fare $365, fees and taxes $161
I haven't called to check on the real price of the 2-for-1 seats but I am assuming these would price out at 182+161= $343 (~$326 after voucher). Leaves me with a total of about $815 dollars.

$815 ($850) voucher can be paid by CC (such as select) for a points haul of ~1100 va points (or sq points for that matter).

Flights will credit at between 5 and 10 vff points per dollar spent (avg 7 I would think) for another 4200 va points.

Cost difference is 815-660=155 dollars.

To me the VA points have a monetary value of around $80.
The onboard snacks /drinks I would value at about $20 (maybe an underestimate).
Lounge access I wouldn't place too much value on in this instance (lounge isn't a lot of fun with kids, I would almost rather be out in the terminal where they can wander around a bit more without disturbing people).
Which leaves me contemplating 120SC for about $50 and a fair bit of ringing around. Based on my upcoming calendar I am unlikely to requal platinum anyway, so this is not that useful.

I think I might have just talked myself into the JQ flights! :)
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Jun 30, 2006
Was that therapeutic :)

I'd pay a (small) premium not to fly Jetstar in Y, especially on leisure routes where Jetstar seems to attract a certain class of traveller that expect a far higher level of service than what they are paying for (to phrase it diplomatically)!
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