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Jetstar backflips over pilot accusations

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Yada Yada

Established Member
Dec 6, 2004
1,877 said:
Jetstar backflips over pilot accusations

By Steve Creedy
September 04, 2006 01:00am

JETSTAR has been forced into an embarrassing reversal after accusing its own pilots of being among the worst in the country at obeying air traffic instructions and procedures.

An internal email sent late last month by two senior pilot managers described the low-cost Qantas offshoot as "one of the worst offenders in the country when complying with ATC (air traffic control) instructions, adhering to correct procedures and radio calls".

The apparent admission came as Jetstar was attempting to convince regulators to allow it to fly international routes.

The email, obtained by The Australian and sent to all Jetstar pilots, said the carrier had received "multiple" electronic safety incident reports reflecting its failure to comply with altitude instructions and restrictions, as well as radio procedures when arriving at and departing from airports.

It said there were also comments about "non-standard techniques" being used when departing airports without radar coverage and where a designated radio frequency was used to alert planes of each other's presence.

"We will endeavour, over the next 12 months, to provide as much training and feedback during line and simulator checks as we can," said the email from Jetstar line operations manager Jeremy Schmidt and training manager Steve Byrne.

"However, it is incumbent upon each of us to maintain a high degree of professionalism as we continue to grow."

But Jetstar said yesterday another email to be distributed to pilots today would retract the original email's claims.


Doesn't exactly inspire confidence! :eek:


Veteran Member
Mar 22, 2005
Yada Yada said:
Doesn't exactly inspire confidence! :eek:
I was going to make a comment but thought better of it as I am sure I would have been flamed for criticising a successful company.
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