Is Bali Really Open ?

I'm not clear if there still a requirement for a CHSE Certified accommodation
No there is not, but there is a health check on arrival - temperature and symptom check so if they think you have symptoms or a fever you have to do a 5 day quarantine in CHSE accomodation. Note that their definition of a fever triggering quarantine is 37.5 or greater which is not a lot.
Do we still need to submit our international vaccine certificate to Indonesia online
Yes - via the PL app
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Pre-departure PCR test is scrapped for vaxxed travellers!

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Potentially good news. Just a point of clarification, which covid testing is no longer required? Is the test 48 hours before arrival, the test on arrival or both.
I traveled to Bali early April and was very impressed with the organization of the airport authorities dealing with covid arrival documentation, PCR testing, visa on arrival and immigration staff. For me the whole process took less than 30 minutes.
I missed out on this rule change since I was there May 1 - 8. While I am fully supportive of doing a pre-departure test, the cost makes it a bit unpalatable
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Hi Fish Food, Not sure where you are located, but cheaper PCR tests are available at BNE,SYD and MEL airports from Histopath at $79 with results generally available within the hour. The whole PCR testing in OZ is becomming a bit of a racket. Off airport Path Labs are charging between $125 and $175 a pop despite receiving millions of Government dollars during the covid crisis.
FYI, an acredited PCR test on arrival at DPS in early April cost IDR 300,000 or approx AUD $30.
Well....... if you are an anti-vaxer..... bad luck. However if you have genuine medical reasons for not being vaxed, my information is that provided you have a medical certificate to that effect, you may be granted entry. I have attched an excerpt from source. If you want confirmation and what qualifies as a "Government Hospital" to the Indo authorities, I recommend that you contact the nearest Indonesian Consulate near you or the Embassy in Canberra.
If you decide to go, here's hoping your JQ flight isn't canceled on you!


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