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Discussion in 'Jetstar' started by ogs70, May 19, 2014.

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  1. ogs70

    ogs70 Member

    Jun 25, 2013
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    I have just booked a J* award flight HNL-MEL in Dec.. reading up about the lounge at HNL it appears that it is a shared QC/AA Admirals Club, and it is a Tuesday so no Qantas flights (I think). Would there be any issues for a SG flying Y gaining access?

  2. Cool Cat Phil

    Cool Cat Phil Established Member

    May 2, 2013
    Melbourne, VIC
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    Having used the QF lounge in HNL last year on a JQ flight ( on a day with no QF flight departing.... So it will be opened for JQ flights too) .

    I remember reading at the entrance that the lounge is owned by QF , with staff in QF uniform ( although they might be sub-contracted out... Not to sure on this). The lounge is a little tricky to find ( it's actually up a lift above a departure gate that the QF /JQ flights depart from).

    I must inform you that this QF lounge is extremely small with extremely limited F & B offerings for breakfast & was surprisingly very packed for a day where only one JQ flight operated ... I was amazed at the number of people with status who were in the lounge for a JQ flight ! HNL must be doing well as a destination for JQ i figured.

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