Hand luggage only - under 7KG with a rollaboard - how?

Discussion in 'Your Questions' started by simongr, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. simongr

    simongr Enthusiast

    Jul 10, 2006
    OK - as many of you know I extol the virtues of hand luggage only - especially on lengthy business trips on a DONE4 after I spent 3 weeks in London with no luggage only to have it delivered the day before I flew to NY and for it to get lost on the way there (which was in fact sort of my fault though). Ever since then I have travelled international J class with hand luggage only (except on a flight where I took dive gear with me). I have done this using a combination of a rollabaord and a suit bag. I have pretty much ignored the weight restrictions and stuck to the size limits and have only been pinged once when they wouldnt believe I was travelling in J.

    Ok so there's your context. The question is how do people keep under the 7KG limit when they have a rollaboard? I am doing many more domestic flights now than in the past and again have ignored the weight limits. I was just packing for the next trip this morning and wondered how on earth anyone gets under the 7KG QF weight limit with a rollaboard. For this two day trip because I have a Friday included (casual dress that day) I am taking:

    - 20in (hence quite small) Tumi rollaboard
    - 2 polo shirts
    - 1 pair trousers
    - underwears
    - power lead for laptop
    - shave stuff
    - business shirt
    - board papers

    Now the board papers could go in my laptop bag but even so I have to be well over 7KG and maybe even topping 10KG - so how does any one stay under the weight limit if they have a rollaboard? Mine is about 2/3 full and when full on longer trips it is around 13KG.

    Any thoughts?

    I am considering experimenting with a back pack on a future trip (good excuse to buy another Tumi product ;)) but am not sure due to suit requirements.
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  2. LiamR

    LiamR Established Member

    Dec 22, 2010
    I'd be really interested to know how people do it too.

    Yesterday I put my Laptop, charger, 20-30 page book and a coat in my bag and it weighed 8.1kgs :shock:

    IIRC most cabin baggage weights around 3-4kgs on it's own, add to that my incredibly light (1.3kgs) MacBook Air and there isn't really much room for anything else.
  3. harvyk

    harvyk Senior Member

    Apr 15, 2009
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    How heavy are the papers, and could they be transported in electronic form and printed out at your destination?
    One of the tricks I use is I wear coats because anything in my pockets don't count towards the weight limit (my top pocket if often very full)

    I also usually wear the heavier (but still comfortable for flying in) clothes. For example I might wear my casual clothes and my jeans on the flight with my suit (minus jacket) packed away in my carry on. I'll then wear my suit jacket on the plane as that is heavy and would take up a big part of my limit. I do this even if I have to get changed into a suit on arrival at my destination (still quicker than waiting around for checked bags)

    I also consider not taking shaving stuff, I'll take a small bottle of deodorant (a travellers size, not only is small enough that you can take through 100ml security, and then getting shaving stuff from either the QP \ J lounge if I'm not going to be at my destination for long or from a nearby supermarket at my destination if I the hotel doesn't have shaving stuff available.

    I also consider very carefully if I am actually going to use everything I'm taking, if I think there is a chance that it won't be used and it can be brought at the destination cheaply enough I'll leave it behind. I aim to use 100% of everything I take, where as when I was taking checked bags I'd be lucky to use 50% of what I took with me.

    I should also point out that my bag is very light, it doesn't have a lot of padding so the clothes I take double as the padding for my laptop.
  4. ozmille

    ozmille Established Member

    Aug 20, 2010
    NSW Southern Highlands
    Amen to that, last trip back from Europe we had 8 pieces of luggage (combo of hand and checked) :shock:
  5. simongr

    simongr Enthusiast

    Jul 10, 2006
    Dn't get me started on this topic - I have them electronically as well but in a format that I can not annotate so it is easier to take the papers as is.

    Same here - travelling back though my jacket will be in the hand luggage.

    Yep - i have the small rexona deo (only deo I could find for men)

    Yep for this trip there is maybe an extra polo shirt so I can wear a different one with dinner tomorrow to what I will wear on Friday - that is maybe 500g

    This is my main point - my rollaboard is probably a little heavier than some due to the sturdy construction (and maybe the plethora of luggage tags) but other wont be that much lighter so they must all be over the limit...

  6. notzac

    notzac Established Member

    Oct 6, 2008
    I would suggest that most don't stay within 7KG - like you (and like me!) they ignore the weight limits. IMHO 10 KG would be a far more realistic/reasonable limit.
  7. Mal

    Mal Enthusiast

    Dec 25, 2004
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    How heavy is the bag by itself when empty?
  8. koonyaflyer

    koonyaflyer Member

    Jun 29, 2010
    I found that my Antler roller was always around 9kgs, so my husband bought me a Black Wolf backpack, shoulder bag for Christmas. I can travel for 3 to 4 days with it, including 1 pair of shoes extra. The best part is that it has 2 separate compartments as well as zip pockets etc so very efficient to pack papers etc separately. The best piece is that the laptop pocket actually pulls out to be a standalone laptop bag so if I get weighed I can pull out the laptop bag and get the total under the allowance. Even better the backpack leaves my hands free, and has stopped my aching neck caused by the roller!

    Maybe not the coolest thing to wear a backpack, but for me convenience is king!
  9. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Member

    Nov 4, 2006
    The weight of the rollerboard is usually the rate-limiting step.

    I've succeeded in doing several AONE4's of, say, 2 weeks duration utilising a Samsonite Cosmolite 20 inch spinner, in addition to either a light-weight backpack or leather laptop bag / brief case. The net weight of the bag is ~ 2.2kg; most are about 4kg, so a big saving from the outset.

    Both bags would generally weigh about 6.5 kg, with the brief case containing Macbook air, phone, paperwork, LAG's and various electrical chargers, in addition to leisure reading material. I forsake taking magazines as they can weigh quite substantial amounts.

    I find BNE staff - both International, as well as Domestic->International checkin at the domestic - to be particularly strict at check-in with the weight of carry-on. There is usually a degree of surprise (and may I say disappointment sometimes) when it comes in under target.
  10. deka2

    deka2 Active Member

    Oct 22, 2009
    Either your bag, shave stuff or papers weigh too much.

    In my experience its not the clothes that push you over the 7kgs its all the other things people like to take.
  11. samiam

    samiam Active Member

    Jan 30, 2010
    For a 2 day trip with carry-on only could you elaborate, from your experience, the other things that people like to take?
  12. simongr

    simongr Enthusiast

    Jul 10, 2006
    As an FYI the "shave stuff" is a 1 ltr bag of toiletries all less than 100 ml and the bag is barely half full...

    The board papers are an exception this time...
  13. Greggsy

    Greggsy Member

    Aug 14, 2011
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    Having just returned from Auckland on Monday morning (no one mention the Rugby score please), my travel companion was pulled up just after customs to have his carry on bag weighed. After registering 10kg, he was made to take a few kilos of stuff out and told to "Put it in a plastic bag" to carry it on.

    So, is the 7kg an ergonomics rule? i.e. less chance of dropping it on someones head?

    Incidentally, we got through the x-ray machine and it was all loaded back into his bag. Plus some extra duty free.

  14. samiam

    samiam Active Member

    Jan 30, 2010
    I have to say that I haven't ever weighed mine, but now you have me worried ;)

    For 2 - 3 days interstate, I usually pack:

    1. 2-3 shirts
    2. Pair of runners
    3. Pair of Jeans
    4. Light zip up jacket (seasonal)
    5. Jocks n Socks
    6. Ties
    7. Toiletries*

    (* Deodorant I carry in my Crumpler messenger bag so it's easy to access for security screening. I pack shaving oil rather than a pressurised can of foam or gel).

    Usually travel in suit and carry heavier overcoat/jacket during winter.

    I've just weighed my (empty) 'Skyways' rollerboard and it's 4.5kg!

    I think I'll just keep my head buried in the sand :)
  15. deka2

    deka2 Active Member

    Oct 22, 2009
    First of all each electronic item we take needs a charger.
    I now am able to charge all our items via USB from my laptop, even our digital camera.
    My new Samsung 13.3 " laptop has a very lightweight charger and the laptop itself weighs 1.3kgs and goes in my backpack.
    Secondly we keep our toiletries down to a minimum.I use a shaving oil, which comes in a 15ml plastic bottle and lasts ages.
    Thirdly paper weighs a lot and whilst you need all travel documents in hard copy any trip notes or travel books are now taken in PDF format.

    We usually travel whY and there is no doubt that during a long trip we would get above tha 7kgs, but have yet to be challenged.
    It's a great feeling to go through Immigration and then sail straight through Custome whilst everyone else is waiting for their bags.
    Not to mention the benefits if you have to catch a train or bus with your luggage.
  16. QF WP


    Jun 20, 2002
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    Don't think there is much that you can do with the board papers simongr - unless there is software that you can do your annotations electronically and produce/email notes upon accessing wifi etc upon arrival. Too high tech IT for me :oops:

    Interestingly, I've never been pulled up to weigh my carry on...so I consider myself lucky. I'm sure my QFF bag would be regularly overweight but my laptop bag may be correct weight.

    Like others here, I critically assess what I take. I'll often not take toothpaste and shaving cream (but have the toothbrush and shaver), as I'll get it from the hotel when I check in under their "offers" (PC hotels and Hiltons always offer to give you stuff if you've left it at home). Easily used and disposed or left in the room.

    Most of my over-nighters, I'm travelling on a week day so I have my suit on and just carry spare singlet (vest if colder climate like MEL), shirt, jock and socks (singular in both cases). If I pack my henna socks then I'll wear them again after hanging up to air overnight.

    Don't carry additional items (I live in BNE, we rarely need coats) but even travelling to MEL last week, I just left my suit on all day and dodged the rain using buildings as thoroughfares. Never carry an umbrella. Shook the suit before every meeting to get rid of any raindrops.

    I'll have to consider the rollaboard when my FF bag breaks though...

    My heaviest items are client files - but I've learnt that I rarely refer to them, so only take current information in plastic sleeves.
  17. serfty


    Nov 16, 2004
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  18. kpc

    kpc Senior Member

    Mar 11, 2003
    #18 kpc, Sep 21, 2011
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2011
    I struggle with this issue all the time. My carryon (in one appropriately sized bag) is around 10-11kgs; the bag weighs about 2.5-3 kgs, and by the time I have my laptop, charger, phone charger, camera and its charger, I'm already close to the 7 kg mark, not to mention clothes and toiletries; I can never manage a second pair eg running shoes from a weight and space point of view:( For QF, if I ever do get pulled up, it would be easy to TF 3-4 kg to my clothes bag and carry it separately as QF allows 2 bags up to 7 kg each. How I would managed this on Virgin I don't know:shock:. J* is great as they allow 10kgs, altho. I have to admit I have never been weighed when travelling J*.
  19. Moopere

    Moopere Established Member

    Feb 10, 2010
    My current rollaboard is the one I used to actually check in but now carry on board. Fully stuffed to bursting point with everything for 2 weeks away it comes to 15-18Kg. Being a bit more sensible drops it below 10KG easily and of that the heaviest items are shoes. If I don't pack extra shoes then 7-8Kg is pretty realistic. With your suit(s) in a seperate suit pack it shouldn't be a problem.

    Note though that I tend to take 'travel' toiletries with me, small tubes of toothpaste, a disposable razor as opposed to a bulky electric, etc, etc.

    I think others responses are likely on the money, its going to be difficult if your empty bag is already pretty heavy. Mine is a "Walmart" special (hehe) and weighs hardly anything empty.
  20. Sequel

    Sequel Member

    Aug 30, 2005
    Tumi may be nice (and expensive), but no good when chasing that 7kg limit.

    International Traveller make a 105cm rollaboard which is sub 2kg. It's not pretty (although I think it looks cool, basically a soft side duffle with an external carbon look rear frame) and it is definitely not expensive at well sub $100, but that extra 1-2kg may just be enough to get close enough to the 7kgs to be let through.

    Will agree though, trying to get below 7kg with clothes and papers / electronics is tough.

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