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Discussion in 'Qantas Frequent Flyer Program' started by Chucksta, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. Chucksta

    Chucksta Active Member

    Mar 19, 2006
    Why is it that when I try book PER to SIN return, flexi-saver is classed as Discount Economy for Status Credit Earn?

    I fly all the time from PER to MEL on Flexi saver and I get full economy status credits (80 return).

    Strange how PER to SIN is not the same? I wonder if it is a typo? Or maybe international fares are different??

    Also, can't seem to book fully flexible either on the qantas website, for PER to SIN return.

  2. oz_mark

    oz_mark Enthusiast

    Jun 30, 2002
    Flight Map:
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    International and Domestic Flexi Savers are treated differently. The only economy fares on international sectors that give you full economy SC's are the full economy ones (i.e. Y Class)

    Don't know about the fully flexible fares, but if I remember correctly when the sale fares are listed, the full economy ones seem to drop off on the site.
  3. JohnK

    JohnK Veteran Member

    Mar 22, 2005
    BNE, SYD and CNX
    Further to what oz_mark mentioned here is the explanation of status credits from the QF website.

    More importantly it mentions

  4. NM


    Aug 27, 2004
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    This is one area that I believe the QF FF program needs to be revised (well, one out of several). In my opinion, restricting international full economy status credits to Y fares only does not reflect the revenue earning for Qantas from B class bookings.

    But the rules are published and clear that only Y gets full economy for international flights, and its been that way for a long time now.

    This is where AAdvantage becomes attractive as they pay 1.5 EQP per mile flown on a Qantas B fare. So AA give you a 50% bonus for paying B while QF give you a 50% slap across the face. If you regularly fly internationally on B fares on QF, then consider using AA instead of QF.
  5. Kiwi Flyer

    Kiwi Flyer Senior Member

    Sep 24, 2004
    Yup. QF would get a lot more of my domestic NZ and international business if they made the earning match what it is for domestic Oz flights. For points it doesnt matter much on NZ domestic flights given the short length, but makes a big difference to SC earning.

    If both NZ and QF both have cheap or medium fares available I'll take NZ every time.

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